Just the other day, when I was browsing the internet, a very interesting line captured my attention. It says, “You are not just working from...

Just the other day, when I was browsing the internet, a very interesting line captured my attention. It says, “You are not just working from home. You are at your home, during a crisis, trying your best to work.” This made me stop what I am working on the computer. And just reflected on these words -- crisis-best-home.

The pandemic that started early in March 2020 has led us to this new work-from-home set up. Those in the freelancing business rejoiced, because there is not much of a change in their work environment. But for people who are used to working in an office set up, from 8-5, five times a week, this new set up brings a lot of challenges with it.

How do you survive? Here are a few tips.


  • SET UP A HOME OFFICE. Pick a space that provides privacy while you work. Preferably with a background that is okay to show when you attend zoom meetings. You can jazz up your workspace with things that can contribute to creativity, like your favorite potted plant. It is also advisable that the right equipment for your work are all within your reach – laptop, printer, scanner and the likes.

  • PLAN A WORKABLE SCHEDULE. When you work at home, the tendency is you ignore schedule. You end up having late lunch or dinner. To be productive, you still need a schedule that will fit well with the other members of the family. Determine if you work well during the early part of the day or at night. Try to wake up early and reserve weekends for family bonding. Do not forget to take breaks.

  • EAT HEALTHY.  Remember that to function well, you need to nurture your body. Working from home means you have unlimited access to your pantry. You find yourself munching all day, with no physical activity at all. This could easily result to unnecessary weight gain, or worst, obesity. Remember to plan a healthy menu for the week so that you won’t be stressed on last minute decisions of what to serve your family for lunch and dinner. If at some point you feel drained and you want an expert help in eating healthy – you can try a local private chef for “on demand catering”. Consider it a reward to be able to enjoy a rewarding home dining experience with Food Fire + Knives

  • TAKE BREAKS. Working from home entails rigid hours in front of your computer and you lose track of time. Be sure to take breaks. Give your mind and body that necessary break and you will feel refreshed to tackle work. Try to include in your daily schedule, a few hours outside of your house, to do some brisk walking, running or even gardening. You can do some indoor exercises and simple yoga when working out outside of your home is not permitted. But if you have already gained weight, you don’t have to worry. Help is just a phone call away. One on one coaching, virtually or in person is available at Live Well Metabolic and Weight Loss Clinic. Love your body. Stay hydrated, avoid binge-eating, sleep well, work-out.

  • CONNECT WITH EXPERTS. When you stay at home for a long time, there are lots of little emergencies that can come your way. Stop being micro managing everything and trust the experts! You have packages to be delivered, find a trusted courier. You need groceries, have them delivered. Maybe it is time for a much needed haircut, look for a salon home service. It is also important to have your car in tip-top shape. When social distancing is compromised in public transportation, your own vehicle is the next best thing to take you places. Check out Craft Customs for your custom steering wheel concerns.  Connecting with these service providers will lessen anxiety and can make you devote more time for your work deliverables.  

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