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As moms, we all prioritize our children's over-all welfare.  When we talk about welfare, we first think about their health and happiness...

As moms, we all prioritize our children's over-all welfare.  When we talk about welfare, we first think about their health and happiness.  We're happy when they are happy, and we're worried sick when they're feeling under the weather.  

best all-natural nasal spray

When my kids would start to sneeze, then have runny nose or have difficulty in breathing , I would panic because based on our experience it usually progresses to cough, then fever or worse flu.  When kids have flu, I couldn't sleep because I feel their pain and discomfort too.  

I'd do everything I can to make our kids healthy and comfortable. One of the things I do as a preventive measure (from getting infected by bacteria and viruses) and making sure impurities from the air they breathe is eliminated, is to use an all-natural spray such as Aqua Maris®.

Aqua Maris® is an all natural nasal spray made from seawater from the Adriatic Sea which is rich in salts and oligo elements that help normalize mucous production.  Normal breathing depends a lot on the state of our nasal cavities.  Accumulation of dust particles, allergens, bacteria and viruses on the nasal mucosa prevents its natural functioning. Colds, allergies, the flu and a number of other conditions cause enhanced secretion, which makes breathing more difficult.

Aqua Maris® nasal spray eliminates the inhaled dust particles, allergens, viruses, bacteria and impurities, making the clearing of accumulated nasal discharge easier, simultaneously moisturizing and regenerating the nasal mucosa.

I used to give over-the-counter medicines immediately at the onset of excessive secretion.  But I learned that nasal sprays especially as natural as Aqua Maris is a better solution.  

best all-natural nasal spray
Because this is all-natural, it can be safely used by babies, children, adults, babies, pregnant women, breastfeeding mommas, and even the elderly.   For individuals who can't compromise their health nor their babies, specifically pregnant and breastfeeding women, taking medicines for colds may pose some harm.  Natural is still the best decongestant - Aqua Maris is way better than over the counter medicines to be on the safe side.
best all-natural nasal spray
This is why, Aqua Maris comes in three 3 variants: Babies, Classic, and Strong.  Aqua Maris Babies help babies sleep and feed easy and breathe naturally. Classic is safe to be used daily to help us breathe clean and free.  Lastly, Strong is used as a natural decongestant for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Have you every experienced using a nasal spray?  Do you believe in the power of  sea salt?  For both of these questions, I do!  If you haven't let me share our experience and what I like about it.

It's safe to use.
As mentioned above, you may use Aqua Maris nasal spray even if you don't have a stuffy or runny nose.   You may use it daily especially if you go out and get exposed to dust, smoke, and other impurities that may cause difficulty in breathing freely.  It's even safe to use by babies, pregnant, lactating women, and the elderly.  So I trust my kids with Aqua Maris nasal spray.

It's convenient.
It's so easy to use.  It's also a quick and no hassle solution when you look for an instant relief from congested nose due to colds or cough.  No need for water nor something to take orally which usually become hard to do when you're sick right?  Just spray and voila!

It's effective.
Aqua Maris builds on the recognized medicinal benefits of seawater for respiratory health. It providing relief for breathing difficulties, supporting the body’s defences against colds and flu and assisting in managing sinus problems, allergies and rhinitis. As Aqua Maris products are taken into the human body – including babies and young children – purity and gentleness are of prime importance.

My kids are comfortable using this nasal spray.  No uncomfortable feeling and they are not afraid of it.  They don't need to hide behind the door when I call them to "clean" their noses so they could breathe freely.  We avoid chemicals when decongesting their during bouts of colds, cough or flu.

Switch to using Aqua Maris nasal spray for a more comfortable and safer solution to clogged noses due to dust, viruses, bacteria, and other impurities that may cause difficulty in breathing freely.  Aqua Maris is available in Mercury Drug, Med Express, and Watsons.  To know more, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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