When To Do Self-Care Throughout The Day?

It's International Women's Day today!  Today, is an important day for us women as we celebrate our beauty, strength, uniqueness, and...

It's International Women's Day today!  Today, is an important day for us women as we celebrate our beauty, strength, uniqueness, and our contribution to the society we're in.  As somebody who's been championing self-love and self-care, I want to share with some beauty products that I have been using on days when I simply want to indulge in a soulful bath and after-bath routines.

As moms, I know we tend to get busy taking care of the family and as well the household with endless cooking, cleaning, dishwashing, teaching kids their school lessons, and tending to the little ones.  As wives, our duty is to be our husband's helpmate, bestfriend, and of course their partners for life.

But no matter how busy we may be wearing different hats all day, let's not forget ourselves.  Let's set aside time for self-care with products that celebrate us women and our authenticity such as DOVE.  

"But it's impossible to do self-caring throughout my day!"

Nothing's impossible if you really want to do it.  So decide to do it so you can know when to do it.  Let me share how I do it throughout my day.

When To Do Self-Care?


The moment I wake up, I thank God I'm alive with eyes to see my loved ones, ears to hear them call my name (Mahal or Mommy).  I do my quiet time for my daily devotions.  This way, I feed myself with God's grace and I'm able to start my day right.

Bath and After-Bath Time

Personally, bath time is sacred because it's the only time I get to really take care of myself and feel totally refreshed afterwards.  So I make sure I use  Dove Body Wash Invigorating Ritual Avocado 250ml.  I love its feminine and floral scent that instantly energizes me!  It has Avocado Oil and Calendula extract to make sure I achieve a naturally soft, smooth, revitalized skin with a really healthy glow.  Depending on my mood, I also use Dove Body Wash Glowing Ritual Lotus 250ml which has Lotus flower extract and rice water that has a fresh and invigorating scent that makes me feel special and loved.  It lifts my mood when I bathe with Dove Body Wash because the scents linger longer.  I usually use puff with body washes because it lathers well and it's more practical. 


I go a little extra after bathing and make sure I moisturize with daily skin lotion to address dryness and uneven skin tone.  I also make sure I take proper care for my underarms.  I can't trust these with just any brand but Dove.  So I use Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector 150ml.  I've been a Dove deo user for years because with ¼ moisturizing cream and vitamin B3 it helps repair underarm damage and correct dark marks. It also gives you up to 48 hours of antiperspirant protection.  I know you've seen how I am quite conscious about my underarms.  Who isn't?  That's why I take proper care of them. This comes in two scents: Soothing Jasmine or Fresh Lily.   Your scent choice but any for me will do, they both smell fresh and make me feel more beautiful.

Do you know what works for my underarms too?  Dove Deodorant Dry Serum 50ml.  It absorbs quickly and contains serum ingredients that penetrate underarm skin 20 layers deep. Enriched with Collagen and vitamin concentrates, it is clinically proven to accelerate skin renewal and remove and prevent underarm dark marks for naturally beautiful, even-toned underarms within the epidermis.  It has collagen (responsible for renewal of skin), Vitamin B3, Vitamin E, and Omega 6 - which all work together for you to achieve an even, smooth, and whiter underarms.  I know you also have kili-kili goals like me.  So I'm sharing one of my underarm care secrets.

Kids' Nap Time (Afternoon)

When kids nap, that becomes a solo time for me to give in to other indulgences.  It's either I sleep or watch KDramas on Netflix.  Sometimes, I also blog or get some admin stuff done.  I love that during this time, it's quiet around the house.

Bed time

This is another quiet time you could use for your self-care rituals.  You may do your nightly skin care or write on your journal, plan for the following day, pray, or just enjoy a cup of hot tea or chocolate to congratulate yourself for a job well done as a wife and as a mother without going insane.  

Whether you do self-care in the morning, afternoon or night, the most important thing is you just indulge in that me-time to renew your energy, to feel whole again, and to face challenges with a fighting spirit.  Just make sure you use trusted brands or products that will help you achieve great and effective results for you.  Dove products do that for us women, wives, and moms.  They know what we need and bring their solutions to us quickly. 

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