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Lately, I've been pondering about the situation we're all in.  This pandemic made us all think about our lives' non-negotiables ...

Lately, I've been pondering about the situation we're all in.  This pandemic made us all think about our lives' non-negotiables and essentials as well.  Once upon a time, it all created panic in our homes and became overly protective of our families especially when health and wellness are concerned.  Though many have become less strict in the recent months, it's not the case in our household.

We still strictly practice certain health protocols at home.  We sanitize everything that comes from outside like deliveries and groceries, wash hands thoroughly, take an immediate bath if we come from outside to run errands or from work, and we are never without masks, face shields, and alcohol.

Prevention is better than cure.  Whether from Covid-19 virus, to common colds, sore throats, intimate area issues for women (because it's Women's Month), bacteria from the pollution - BETADINE® has a solution for us.


So here are some of BETADINE® products I recommend to help us prevent the unwanted viruses or bacteria that may make us ill.


Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Throat Spray - 

Do you sometimes experience itchy throats like it's going to be an onset of a cough?  I usually feel this whenever I come from outside.  I won't brush this off easily.  I really take action and use Betadine Throat Spray for fast and soothing relief of sore throat.  It's 0.45% oral antiseptic solution, mentholated that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi in as early as 30 seconds.  It's convenient, on the go, and easy to use.



Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Gargle

Our household is never without  (BETADINE®) Gargle because it's an overall go to oral hygiene solution.  It's 1% antiseptic solution in mint flavor that gives fast and soothing relief for sore throat and mouth sores.  Did you know that the viruses are the leading cause of sore throats and other oral illness?  So if you feel like somethings fishy there, gargle right away.  It kills the viruses lurking around as fast as 30 seconds.

You can even use this as mouthwash especially as oral hygiene of post-operative or bedridden patients.  It is also ideal degerming soak for dentures and toothbrushes, does not stain the teeth.


Be vigilant in protecting your Viral Gates (mouth and throats) with Povidone-Iodine (BETADINE®) Gargle and Throat Spray to prevent sore throats leading to other illnesses.


Betadine® Fresh Bliss®

Still undecided what's the best intimate wash to use?  Don't worry, it's a battle women try to conquer every single day.  I personally use Betadine® Fresh Bliss®, a daily feminine wash with Avena Oats that helps soothe and moisturize your intimate area and Gentle Defense Lactic Acid to help maintain its pH balance and protect you from unpleasant odor,Paraben-free, Clinically tested, pH-balanced.

Even before it was in this improved formula, I already used the old version with which I have to dilute a small amount in water to use it.  I feel clean, protected, and fresh especially during red days.  I know my wellness down there is in the pink of health whenever I use Betadine wash.


For daily protection against viruses and bacteria that may cause illness that we don't want, trust BETADINE® as your ally preventing the worse to happen.  These days, the last thing we want to happen to us and our families, is to compromise our health.

BETADINE® is available on Shopee!  Use these codes to get discounts on selected BETADINE® products:

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