Send Money Using PayMaya to Smart Padala, Get a Chance to Win Monthly Grocery Budget!

Going out and transacting in crowded indoor areas such as banks and remittance centers is the last thing my Titas want to do these days.  I’...

Going out and transacting in crowded indoor areas such as banks and remittance centers is the last thing my Titas want to do these days.  I’m sure you all know why.  Doing that is risking a lot and if you’re a mom or person with an existing illness, you wouldn’t want to take chances.  

I usually send money to my friends and relatives in the provinces for many reasons such as payment for goods or services, sending monetary gifts during special occasions, sending money as financial help during pandemic, or pabili of pasalubongs or delicacies from the province.

As a mom myself, I don’t want to risk their health and wellness just to receive money from me for whatever reason.  So we’ve drawn some methods on how to safely send and receive money.  

Here are some safer ways to send and receive money to/from the province:

  1. Online or Mobile BankingIf your friends or relatives have a bank account and uses online or mobile banking, then this is a safe way to transact.  It’s fast and sends money from the comforts of your home to the recipient in an instant.  Mind you though, a transaction fee is charged for every transfer of money.  Also, this is only applicable to persons with existing bank accounts.

  1. E-wallet sendingThis is another option to safely send and receive money.  An example of this is PayMaya.  All you have to do is to download the PayMaya app via Play Store or Apple Store, register, upload a vailid ID and take selfie as part of the requirements.  Validation and approval may take a while.  I always use this option for sending money to my friends or relatives in provinces because it’s really convenient.  But not all of them have an e-wallet, so tip #3 is the best solution for safe fund sending.


  1. PayMaya To Smart Padala – If your friends or relatives don’t have a bank account for online or mobile banking or a PayMaya account, don’t worry.  Here’s another way to safely send money to them.  Send money from your PayMaya to a Smart Padala account.  This is the best solution for those who don’t have a bank or e-wallet accounts.  No need to go out to remittance centers to receive the money you sent.  They just need to get the 16-digit Smart Padala number of the nearest sari-sari store where you will input in your PayMaya when transacting.

I tried sending money to my Tita Fely in Davao who’s not techy and wants things done manually and traditionally.  I know you have this kind of Tita or Tito too right?  She recently celebrated her birthday and instead of sending her a gift via courier, it’s faster and more convenient to just send her money so she could buy what she wants.  I sent it using my PayMaya account to a Smart Padala number she sent me.

PayMaya Promo

Here’s how:

  1. Open your PayMaya account and choose SEND MONEY.

  2. Enter Mobile or Account Number of SMART PADALA  agent you’re sending the money to.  

  3. Enter the amount of money you’re sending.  You may even include a personalized message.

  4. Click continue and check all details.  Then press SEND.

  5. You’ll receive an app and text notification that you’ve successfully sent money to the Smart Padala account number.  

    PayMaya Smart Padala Promo

  6. Take note of the Reference Number and send this to your friend or relative recipient.

  7. Your friend/relative will go to their trusted Smart Padala agent (where you transferred the funds), bring one (1) valid ID, bring mobile phone, and shows the reference number you sent her as proof of transaction.

  8. Voila!  She receives the money safely and conveniently.

I love how safe and convenient sending and receiving money is via Smart Padala.  This is a powerful solution to people who don’t have a bank account or e-wallet accounts.  Like my Tita who’s not techy, doesn’t want to go out to crowded remittance centers, or who doesn’t have a bank account – SMART PADALA is their ally.

PAYMAYA PROMO – Get a chance to win monthly grocery budget!

PayMaya Smart Padala Grocery Budget Promo
What’s more is that PayMaya has an ongoing promo until June 18, 2021 where PayMaya users who send money via Smart Padala could win monthly grocery budget!  To earn a raffle entry, just send a minimum of Php1000 to a Smart Padala number during the promo period.  First sending gives you five (5) raffle entries, succeeding transactions give you one (1) raffle entry.  31 winners will be chosen to win monthly grocery budget of P10,000 and even P100,000 in the grand draw!

So when you’re sending money to relatives especially in the province, choose the safe and smart way!  Choose sending via PayMaya to Smart Padala!  Not only it is convenient, it could also get you a chance to win monthly grocery budget!  Winner!  For more details, follow PayMaya on Facebook and Instagram.

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