Beko Launches SteamCure Hygiene+ to Keep You Clean and Safe

I am a firm believer of appliances that doesn't only perform as expected but goes beyond what it's supposed to do.  The Beko SteamCu...

I am a firm believer of appliances that doesn't only perform as expected but goes beyond what it's supposed to do.  The Beko SteamCure Hygiene+ Automatic Washing Machine is one tough home appliance because it doesn't only clean our clothes, but it kills bacteria and allergens and at the same time, saves us a lot of time, energy and even money!

Beko- European Appliance Brand, recently hosted a virtual event to reiterate its commitment to hygiene and sanitation and present products Filipino consumers could use during the pandemic and beyond that. I'm really glad that I am part of that launch and I got to share how helpful my new Beko SteamCure Hygiene+ is to my busy mom life!

Kills viruses, bacteria, and allergens

Having clean clothes, bed linens and towels that are free from viruses, bacteria, allergens and odor is very important these days and while doing the laundry is a laborious and time-consuming household chore, Beko’s washing machine with SteamCure Hygiene+ technology ensures better washing and cleaning performance. It releases steam so that you and your family are protected from these things that could potentially harm our health. This technology makes our clothes clean and safe to wear.

Removes Stubborn Stains

SteamCure Hygiene+ removes stains on clothing by releasing steam from the bottom of the washing machine’s drum, right before it even starts washing. This acts as a pre-treatment, which helps loosen stubborn stains, dirt and other gunk stuck in your garments.

Smooths Out Our Clothes

SteamCure Hygiene+ releases another batch of steam after the end of a wash cycle to help smooth out your clothes so there are no unsightly wrinkles and folds. This helps smoothen out any unwanted creases and folds in clothes for easy ironing.

Saves Time, Energy, and Money

Personally, the Beko washing machine cuts my washing and ironing time in half! This practically allows me to spend time to things that matter more which are my family and my work. It's also Power Inverter which means we save up on electricity while using it, hence it saves us money in the long run. It's a smart choice for busy moms like me who's looking for convenience and big savings.

Trusted by Celebrities

During the launch, celebrities like Dianne Medina, Kimpoy Feliciano and power couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez talked about how using Beko appliances such as the washing machine with SteamCure Hygiene+ technology and the Beko Heat Pump dryer are helping them in this pandemic.

“The reason why we dread washing our clothes is because admit it, washing clothes takes up so much time. So to help us out, we got the Beko washing machine,” TV personalities and celebrity couple Megan Young and Mikael Daez said. 

“What I really like about this washing machine is that it has 15 wash programs so you can wash your shirts, downwear, outdoor clothes, and a lot more,” social media content creator Kimpoy Feliciano said. 

“Beko continues to be a partner of the Filipino family in staying healthy as we provide them with the tools to clean their homes and keep and cook their good. We are proud that in the short time we have been present in the Philippine market, Filipino consumers trust us for their appliance needs because Beko’s products are efficient and affordable,” said Gurhan Gunal, Country Manager of Beko Pilipinas Corporation during the online press conference.

The brand is currently available in select All Home, Anson’s, Savers, – Gidi Distribution, and Asian Home Appliance Center in Cebu, and in e-commerce partners: Lazada, Household Appliances Trading

Visit their Facebook page at for more details.

Beko Pilipinas Corporation continues to rally behind the Filipino family in this pandemic by providing them with home appliance options that make their lives easier, healthier and safer.

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  1. Ang dami q nga po naririnig n mga good reviews sa Beko.. Ang gaganda din po lahat ng mga products nila ma.. Bet n bet q po itong washing machine talagang safe gamitin👍😍


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