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I grew up knowing this laundry detergent brand being used by a wais na nanay named Lumen. I see so much of myself in her now that I am a mo...

I grew up knowing this laundry detergent brand being used by a wais na nanay named Lumen. I see so much of myself in her now that I am a mom of three and deciding heavily on supermarket purchases, among other things.

As a wais na misis myself, I've tried Surf' laundry detergent and fabric conditioner or what I call the Surf Power Combo! Linis at 2x bango na, sa presyong wais pa! I've tried many brands of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. Usually the more expensive ones are hard to sustain especially these days that we have to manage the budget well. I realized that I can get superior laundry products at very affordable price! Thanks to Surf!

Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology

I was surprised when I tried this because it actually cleans clothes just like the more expensive ones in the market, because of its Active Clean Technology! It's also superior in removing malodor in clothes due to rainy weathers when we can't hang clothes out to dry in the sun. Best of all, it's only Php5.50 SRP per sachet! Indeed a wais move right?

It's tough on stains and odors and is formulated with ACTIVE CLEAN TECHNOLOGY that makes your laundry whiter and fragrant. It deeply cleans away dirt and unwanted odor while leaving long-lasting fragrance on clothes!

Surf Laundry Fabric Conditioner Blossom Fresh with Sun Bloom Technology

When I was younger, I used to skip the fabcon step during laundry thinking I would save more if I just didn't use fab con on clothes. But the truth is, I'm actually spending more on other things like more ironing time which also means more electricity use. Fabcon is a necessity when it comes to laundry. Best to pair Surf laundry detergent with Surf Fabcon. Surf fabric conditioner lessens wear and tear of clothes, protects the color, makes clothes softer so it's easy to iron, and it also keeps clothes in shape.

The WAIS choice for your laundry needs, Surf Laundry Fabric Conditioner Blossom Fresh leaves long-lasting fragrance on clothes and keeps them soft. Specially made with SUN BLOOM TECHNOLOGY, this fabric softerner keeps laundry smelling fresh. Mas bumabango ang damit under the init! It also has fast-drying action with every wash cycle.

Get a chance to win a Washing Machine Plus Special Deals!

When you add to cart Surf Products between October 14-16. you'll get up to 21% OFF plus FREEBIES, and vouchers up to Php100 off! To top this, you can enjoy FREE Shipping too!

And for every purchase of Surf's Power Combo products, you can also get a chance to win a FREE Washing Machine!

Isn't that exciting mommies? So what are you waiting for, Add To Cart now and don't forget to check them out between October 14 - 16! Ready to purchase Surf's Power Combo? I don't know about you, but I'm not checking out my Surf orders!

Happy Shopee-ng!!!

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