Get up to 50% off on Unilever's Brand Day on Shopee!

Are you a WAIS and practical mom like me? I bet you are too! I am also so sure that you also look forward to SALE days on Shopee for house...

Are you a WAIS and practical mom like me? I bet you are too! I am also so sure that you also look forward to SALE days on Shopee for household items because you get the most out of your purchases. I call that value-for-money! That's what I live for when it comes to buying things I need.

This October 19, get up to 50% off on Unilever's Brand Day! How truly exciting is that? Let me share with you the things I will be adding to cart and what I like about them! Ready? Here it goes!


When it comes to laundry, I want to make sure that my family's clothes aren't just clean but smells fresh.  I found this in Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent!  It has Active Clean Technology which is tough on stains and odors and makes our clothes whiter and fragrant!  It leaves a longer lasting fragrance on clothes!  Best of all, it's a wais decision to add this to cart because it won't hurt our budget-conscious pockets.

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I don't know if you can relate but whenever I would take a shower, it's automatic for me to clean the toilet and sometimes the whole bathroom. Guilty? I know you are! I've tried a number of household cleaners but nothing beats Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner! I love it when I literally see Domex leaves the toilet and tiles clean. It kills all known germs dead, helps prevent mold and limescale, disinfects surfaces and eliminates odor.

What's more, it's also an effective household cleaner because Domex product is proven to destroy coronavirus in 60 seconds. With a bleach-based formulation, it is safe to use on your toilet and other surfaces at home. Recommended to be used pure on toilets and other surfaces with tough stains. Domex is trusted by the Philippine Public Health Association. Domex, the unstoppable germ-kill expert.

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These days, when buying cleaning products whether for surfaces or on clothes, I tend to consider if it has anti-bacterial properties. We can never be too careful when it comes to killing germs and viruses that may post health risks on us and our families. So when I discovered the new Breeze laundry detergent with anti-bacterial properties, I definitely said it's worth a try.

Did you know that Breeze Anti-bacterial removes tough stains and KILLS up to 99.9% of germs and Coronavirus in one wash? Isn't that awesome? Plus, it keeps colored clothes looking new and bright and leaves your clothes smelling good!

So don't forget mommies, this October 19, add to cart your favorite Unilever products just like what I did to get the most out of your purchases!  It's Unilever's Brand Day!

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