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This 2-year pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home and cook more often than usual.  Personally I am taking it positively because it ...

This 2-year pandemic has forced many of us to stay at home and cook more often than usual.  Personally I am taking it positively because it just means I get to spend more time with my family at home, I get to see them more than I used to when we all could go out and spend hours at work, and I can personally prepare meals for them.

Food is what makes the whole family happy.  Food is what bonds our family as well!  We love to cook and we love to eat as well!  My kids and I also bond over kitchen pretend play or culinary online games as well!  We love the challenge and the excitement each time we play cooking games.

Speaking of culinary games, I am so glad I discovered which is a website that offers a collection of culinary-related online games.  As a parent of young kids, I still supervise their gadget time and online gaming.  The games that we've tried so far on are educational, encourages critical thinking, helps develop strategic planning and organizational skills, and many more!

Sharing with you some of our favorite games on that website!


Guess the Food is a simple spelling game where kids are given letter tiles to place in the correct order from left to right to spell the food pictured above. The default game is quite short as it only has 4 levels and a player can skip a level if they are unsure of the answer.

What we like: It helps improve kids' vocabulary and spelling.  It's educational and challenging as well.  It's recommended to kids ages 5-7.

Play the game here:


Tap Supermarket is an isometric game where the player must manage a grocery store including restocking produce, expanding the line of goods sold, and checking out customers. As you proogress through the game you can unlock new displays. Don't forget to scroll up to the stock room in the upper left corner of the game to keep it stocked as well.

What we like: It's challenging and quite rattling in a good way to keep on restocking items from the store room while at the same time making sure we check out all the people queuing in the counter.  We would have liked it a lot more if there's a goal that's set to reach to move on to another level.

Play the game here:


Penguin Cafe has you play a penguin on skates rushing around to serve guests and meet the daily goal. While the aesthetics in this game are cartoony the difficulty level increases quickly after the first couple levels.

Remind students playing this game customer gratuity makes up an important portion of a waiter's livelihood. That makes it crucial for servers to maintain a positive attitude in spite of frequently dealing with overwhelming stress and demanding customers.

What we like: We love online games that has something to do with meal preparation and service.  It's exciting and it taches kids to always reach for their goals.  The game also teaches patience, gratitude, and honesty in everything we do.  It also teaches players to always have positive mindset no matter how challenging any situation may be.

Play the game here:

Burger Time has the player make one burger at a time with the ingredients needing to be placed in the same order as pictured. If an error is made one can touch the trash can to discard the order and one clicks the check mark to serve a completed order to a customer. Customers who are served quickly give a tip. Customers express dissatisfaction and then leave if an order is incorrect or takes too long. We also offer a version of this game called Crazy Cooking Chef, where food is served on a beach. This game is somewhat fast paced, making it good for fifth to sixth grade.

What we like: The game trains the photographic memory of any player.  It also teaches the value of being precise when it comes to following instructions and serving what is expected of you.  We like the challenge and goals we need to meet in every level.  It gives a positive pressure to make sure each burger we make is correct so our customers will be happy.

Farm Animals Kids Learning Memory Game is a memory card matching game which also states the names of animals as children flip the cards over.

What we like:  For years, my kids have been playing this classic game to sharpen their memories while and improve their focus.  I love that even adults can play this game and help sharpen memories.   I used to ace this when I was younger but when I started playing this game on the hard mode, I was really challenged to flip the correct cards based on what images I remember.  Kids and adults can both play this at the same time.

If you're like us who have a love story with food and cooking games, and are also looking for ways to bond with your family, do check out  You'll find a variety of games designed for kids which adults can enjoy too!

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