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NOW.. Here's the long ABOUT ME story.... Ready? Good. :)

Welcome to my blog, Mommy Practicality.

I'm Louise, a wife to an IT specialist/musician, and a mother of three boys.  I am NOW a full-time working mother. 

I am married to my best friend, Macky, (wedding story here) who also happens to be my band mate (we used to play in bars, hotel lounges, private celebrations, and corporate events) and occasional business partner.  We've been through ups and downs and we always manage to stick it out with each other whatever climate or weather we're in.  We have to!  Our love story is a beautiful testimony of God's gift of second chances and I've inspired a number of single moms (I used to be one before) which I've written about here on the blog.

Being a mom of all boys is both challenging and rewarding.  If you ask me if I get tired or feel guilty about spending less time with my kids because I'm away from them the whole day from Mondays to Fridays, yes like most moms are, I do too.  That's why, I always day dream about splitting my body into two, one stays at home or works from home or is running a business from home, and the other one works in the office.  But for now, the latter works pretty fine for our family. - NOT ANYMORE!  Update here: Why I Left My 10 Year Corporate Job

Why do I blog?
Remember during elementary days when you'd keep a diary beside your bed to write about how your day went, how you felt when you saw your first crush or write a lengthy entry when you felt really down?  I am that little girl.  I started writing poems in high school all throughout college too.  But I've never considered myself an excellent writer, just an average who knows her grammar pretty well.  That's my writing background.

Ever since I became a mom, I learned the art of budgeting and the sophistication of being practical in (almost) all my choices and it has been serving me and my family well.  Practicality for me doesn't necessarily mean I have to skip on the best things in life just to be able to get the cheapest or least expensive purchase or service.  It's living the quality of life or getting more out of what we spent or doing more with less kind of a lifestyle.  This practicality trait stretches through our relationship and parenting decisions, our family adventures (food, travel, staycations, events, shopping, and more), and on investing or budgeting.

My blog's positioning has evolved from sharing stories to now actually moving my readers to make practical choices.  Mommy Practicality, INFORMs (how tos), INSPIREs, and INFLUENCEs Women and Moms to Choose Practical Living.

Why else do I blog?  It's a passion and because it's a passion, I am fulfilled and happy doing it!  What makes blogging all the more worth it?  The people I've touched a long the way, who were able to relate to my shared life experiences, whom I helped get the right information, and whom I helped make a decision based on the stories I shared.  I'm happy writing and even happier when I touch lives.  
Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy reading my entries!

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Mommy Practicality is a home and lifestyle blog that's about positive, informative, 
inspirational and helpful sharing of life experiences of a working mom 
with topics on motherhood, relationships, events, food, travel, shopping, and finances. 
It hopes to influence moms and women to realize 
that it's possible to live a quality life while choosing a practical lifestyle.

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