Birthday Boys' Practical #OOTDs

September is the birthday month of my two boys.  The older future-performing-artist-basketball-play...

September is the birthday month of my two boys.  The older future-performing-artist-basketball-player turned 11, and the little charmer-singer turned four.  If we'll have another baby, we're planning for him or her to be born on September too.  The idea is just cute, at least for me.

Sometimes I disagree when they say, it's more practical that my kids celebrate their birthdays at the same month, because I will only prepare one party for both.  No.  We don't actually do that.  We make sure we treat each child specially on their special day.  They have their individual cakes and they have individual house parties too (house party since the little one turned two).  September, (apart from June and December) is one of the most expensive months in a year for our family.

But if there's one that's not too expensive it's the styling I have for my boys.  Let me share with you their birthday suits! :)
On Wes:
Top: JusTees (Sale only P150.00 at SM Store)
Bottom: CDN Kids (Available at SM Store)
Shoes: Osh Kosh (Robinsons Magnolia)

On Dandre:
Top: Dude (available at all SM Stores)
Bottom: Zapped (SM Stores)
Shoes: Nike 
Watch: G-Shock (borrowed from Daddy)
On the little one again:
Top: JusTees (available at SM Store)
Bottom: Garfield Khaki Cargo Shorts (SM Store)
Shoes: Tough Kids (SM Store)
When choosing clothes for our kids, let's make sure they are comfortable in it and moving with it, and the materials of the clothes aren't irritating to their delicate skins.  Fashion doesn't have to be expensive loves.  Let's think of creative ways how to be practical when dressing up the little ones.  Remember, kids nowadays grow up so fast.  :)

~How about you loves?  What are your practical finds this weekend for you or your kids?~

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