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Hello loves!  I am just too excited to share with you one of the greatest achievements I've had so far in blogging.  When I was starting...

Hello loves!  I am just too excited to share with you one of the greatest achievements I've had so far in blogging.  When I was starting my stint as a serious blogger, I registered my website to Top Blogs Philippines under the Home and Living Category.  Back then (some 6 months ago) I was ranked 200+ but I didn't mind because I was just starting.

I just kept on writing, self-studying about SEOs, blog hopping, admiring and learning from my Mommy/Lifestyle Blogger Inspirations, kept on improving and just wished someday I will be ranked among Philippine's Top 20 Home and Living Blogs.

I had the time of my blogging career when last Sunday, February 17, at exactly 7 months and 16 days into blogging, while writing a post about Valentine's Day, I checked Top Blogs Home and Living category and saw this:

Shivers to the spines kind of feeling because I was ranked close to my Blogger Inspirations.  My admiration list now includes Mommy FleurMrs Martinez Raves And Rants, and Animetric's World apart from those mentioned in my previous Mommy/Lifestyle Blogger Inspirations post.

So what now?  Just the same, I'll humbly continue this journey I've chosen to take, to help fellow moms with their needs.  I will continue to give relevant information and content that a practical parent may be looking for.  May I someday, be a source of inspiration to others too.  I would love the opportunity to help our online mommy community in any way I can.

So to my new found online friends, new readers, regular readers/visitors, family and friends, BIG THANKS to you for being my humble blog's BLESSINGS!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! :)

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  1. Congrats! My topblog rank is erratic, but the variation has somehow narrowed down. I guess I still have a lot to learn about SEO and such. :-)

  2. wow, # 15 na, this is such a great news!
    congrats ms louise

  3. Thank you @facebook-100002482478253:disqus at least naka Top 20 na ako. :)

  4. wow! number 15.. it is a great blogging accomplishment... keep up the good work-Rosemarie/Gven-Rose

  5. Wow! Ang galing #15 is a great accomplishment. my photoblog only reach rank 81 tapos baba ulit hehehe

  6. Congrats! After only 6 months too! It's a great achievement. -jellybelly

  7. Congratulations Louise! :) I'm sure, you are already an inspiration to many.

  8. Thanks @facebook-1499477397:disqus I really hope so. Been working hard at this other passion. :) You are too for many women as well!

  9. Thanks @twitter-120629440:disqus . I've been working hard, I do hope to be able to sustain it.

  10. Thanks! Me naman, if you'd see now, I'm #20. But it stays stable at around that range. This is the highest I've been ranked, #15 so I had to capture it @Momaye:disqus ! :)

  11. Thanks @disqus_U34QIx4U2a:disqus it took a lot of studying about this craft that I'm passionate about din, it's hardwork din. Thanks!

  12. Thanks @facebook-100000380911859:disqus I hope to be able to sustain it. :)

  13. wow congrats mommy maye! :)) my personal/lifestyle was also included on the top 10 of top blogs.. hihi.. :) i just hope my beauty/fashion will be on the top 100 nlng kahit papano..

  14. Yey! Congratulations! =) Keep it up!! =)

  15. Hello! Wow, I super admire your passion and dedication, given the fact that you're a working mom. Congratulations. Let me just say that you inspire me to be more determined and be more serious in this field. I am a newbie blogger SAHM. Started blogging just last January and i am enjoying it a lot. I hope that someday, marating ko rin ang narating mo and my other idol bloggers din. You, and the blogger moms you mentioned in this post are also my inspiration. I look up to all of you. Ang galing! Congrats again! :-)

  16. Congrats to you too @twitter-491402979:disqus Galing! :)

  17. @85c83b543f73457c4bef58f845308b3e:disqus THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super KILIG to the bones ako right now!!! HIHIHIHIHIHIHIHI!!! hindi naman masyadong halata diba? Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  18. Atty. Camille Fuentes-DumlaoSeptember 5, 2013 at 1:28 PM

    Congratulations, Louise! I've been lurking on several mommy blogs in the hope of getting some practical tips related to my pregnancy and I bumped into yours. I learned a lot already and still do. Thanks for all the help! You inspire me too to blog maybe in the near future. :)

  19. Aaaww! Thanks so much sis! :) I'm glad to be inspiring mommies/women like you! That's why I started blogging to do just that! :) I feel more blessed now that I'm able to touch people's lives in one way or another! Thanks so much sis! :) huuugs! :) How are you? Have you given birth already?

  20. Atty. Camille Fuentes-DumlaoSeptember 6, 2013 at 4:11 PM

    Not yet... but anytime now. I'm doing ok. Still going to work everyday. Just keep up on what you are doing! You're doing great, sis! :)

  21. That's so sweet of you to say sis Camille! I keep on asking Dandre about you nga eh. :) Hehehe! Take care! Have a safe delivery! I'm excited for you! :D


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