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Hello Loves!  I've written in my past post about a TVC project that I couldn't disclose yet at that time.  Well now, here it is!  ...

Hello Loves!  I've written in my past post about a TVC project that I couldn't disclose yet at that time.  Well now, here it is!  I've been itching to tell you about it last month, but I really cannot until it's already airing on local channels.

The scene with Michael V which is seen at the first part of the 30s TV Commercial.  Bitoy was very professional!
This was shot at 11:30 am up to past 12:00 noon.  Grabe!  I was directed to do "Ooohs and Aahhs" reaction.

I've also told you that apart from my full-time job, I sing in a band and I also try my luck as a TV commercial talent. These are some of my part-time jobs where I channel through my experiences in theater and in choir singing.  I guess my right brain is working heaps and I really need an answer to the passion for arts burning inside.

I believe that even if you're already a mommy and a loving partner to your hubby, you shouldn't forget about yourself, your passion, your self-improvement, your individuality and your self-fulfillment.  It helps a lot too if your hubby supports you with this all the way!

Should you have talent in acting as well, why not try your luck in this industry and apply as a talent in an agency?  I'll share some  tips below.

Meanwhile, here are some behind the scene shots of the 2-day commercial shooting:

Make-Up session at 6 am in the morning.  Feeling celebrity when we're made up. hihihi!
Costume change after the hair and make-up session inside talents' air-conditioned tent.
Running with Bitoy to count the washed dishes at 4pm.  
Reaction shots with my co-mommies after Bitoy announced 1032 plates were washed!
A remembrance shot with the plates, the blackboard and the plates counter after day 1 shooting
Day 2 shooting at the sidelines of Makati-Mandaluyong bridge at 11 am
Borrowed one of the washers' apron and posed for a quick shot.

Talent Profiling, VTR, and Commercial Shooting Tips:

  1. Wear your best smile.  To start a career in this industry, first you have to go to a talent agency so they will have a file of you.  They will let you write your details on an application form, get a video of you stating your Name, Age, Height and past acting experience or commercial projects.  Wear just light make-up.  For clothes, wear something light, no reds, blacks and stripes.  NO PAYMENT needed.  This is all for FREE!  
  2. VTR Call.  It works this way: Client talks to Production. Production does a casting call.  Casters contact talent agencies.  Agencies contact their talents based on the profile needed for the roles.  If your agency thinks your physical profile fits the role, they will contact you to attend the VTR.
  3. Auditions.  Keep in mind that there are a lot of other talent agencies and each talent agency has  a pool of talents who all fit the role/s required.  So you are healthily competing with a lot other talents who are equally talented as you.  Make sure you do your best.  When asked to act, give your all out!
  4. Be On Time.  If you want to start and end early, come early.
  5. Listen.  It's important to listen to instructions and directions of the caster or assistant director.  They will give you a situation or a scene where you'll be required to give your reaction.  Again, do your best!  
  6. Final Casting.  Should you be called for a final casting, it just means that you've been short-listed.  You will still be asked to audition and "compete" with the other talents.  Again, just do your best!
  7. Workshop.  If you've been selected to do the part, usually a workshop is scheduled.  During the workshop you will be asked to bring some clothes as costume, orient you with the storyboard and give you final details on shooting dates.
  8. Shooting.  Congratulations if you've reached this part!  Come on time or earlier than the call time.  Make sure you read your talent contract.  Again, when your part will be shot, listening to the assistant director and director is very important.  You don't want delayed schedules because of a number of takes.
  9. Pay Out.  Pay out schedule varies depending on what's stipulated in the contract.  You're lucky when it's pay after!  Like how it was with this commercial.  Expect your agency to deduct their agency fee from your talent fee which is about 30%.
  10. Posting of BTS photos/videos.  If you still want to take home your pay out in full (less agency fee) and avoid civil cases, NEVER POST PHOTOS exposing elements of the commercial on any of your social media sites until it's not aired yet, even if you're itching to tell and show your family and friends about it, just like what I did.  
So there you go!  If you think you have a hidden talent, or your friends think you have an animated face, a big smile, and acting prowess, then this sideline or industry is for you!  Good luck! :)

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  1. Thank you for this informative post Louise. Hope one day I will have the guts to join an audition and finally find a spot in a commercial ad like you.

    Blessings !

  2. How naman sis! Super talented ka talaga! Super sikat ha! hehehe..

  3. I saw the commercial already. Ikaw kaagad ung hinanap ko. hehehe Ikaw na! Before, Jollibee ngayon Joy.
    I just wonder if they really washed the dishes. hehehe

  4. I haven't watched this ad yet since I am not glued in the telly anymore for months now. Nice sideline. :)

  5. You're magaling sis! I think I also have a hidden talent, hahaha! Kaso can't do such things because I'm here in the province.

  6. Napanuod ko na ito sis. Inaabangan ko nga lagi, hehe. Fun mo ako e :) You are such a talented sexy mommy :)

    Mommy Maye

  7. cool to appear in a TV ad. Must have been a fun experience for you.

  8. Hahahaha I tweeted you immediately after I saw the ad! Yes, ganon ako ka-fanatic. Haha! You look so good especially in the last photo, Louise. Sana may mga auditions din dito sa amin. :D

  9. Nice! That's a good experience for you and the rest of the talents. Good Luck on your future projects. :)

  10. I haven't seen this ad yet, I don't watch TV kasi, hehe! I will wait for this to show when my hubby watches. Next time I will see you in teleserye's na Louise? :-)

  11. yay! I haven't watch it yet.. i should stay long in front our television tomorrow.. excited much to see you..

  12. I saw this ad na! The first time I saw it, wala pa itong blog m about it, that time buo pa yung commercial. I didn't know you were there. I found out when you blogged about it, now everytime mapapanood ko siya, putol na, aw! :-( anyway, ang galing mo umarte sis! congrats! :-)

  13. Hi Louise! Joy again ha, pareho tayo naka dalawa na din ako sa Joy :) Naxxx, meron kang how-to-be TVC talent guidelines ha, that's great :) Congrats to your blog, sali ako sa giveaways mo ha, hehehe...


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