Review: 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel, It's Always Fun To Swim

It's the rainy season and also back-to-school already.  Although we like the cool breeze the weather brings, admit it, we all miss Mr. S...

It's the rainy season and also back-to-school already.  Although we like the cool breeze the weather brings, admit it, we all miss Mr. Sun and can't help thinking about the past two months when our kids are on school break.  So looking back last vacation, I want to share with you one of our swimming escapades at 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel.

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Upon the Dolphin Fountain Entrance of 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Every summer vacation, our family make sure that we plan a swimming outing.  One of our favorite destinations is 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel in San Rafael, Bulacan.  Our company sponsors an annual family outing for its employees and it's fortunate that we get to go to 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel for free.

Both my kids love to swim and don't mind getting dark, as long they're happy.  That's what my elder son tells me each time we swim and his little brother is picking that up from him as well.  I think they got from me their love for the water.
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
My toddler enjoying his swim at the Safari Pool
REVIEW: What I love about 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
  • It's CLEAN.
  • It's Spacious.
  • Its well-maintained facilities
  • Good Service
  • Its Affordability
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Very spacious walkway
If you ask my son why he loves this place definitely he will answer: THE WAVE POOL!  Yes, 8 Waves Waterpark is called that name because of their famous wave pool.  This main pool attraction creates 8 kinds of waves which is bring a unique recreational experience for anyone who would visit this resort.  To give you another trivia, it's also called 8 Waves because the owner has 8 children.

Swimming Pools
8 Waves Waterpark has a total of five (5) attraction pools which are age appropriate and cater to different interests.  We tried all pools and my sons had so much fun.  Since my elder is bigger now and familiar with the place (we've been going here almost every year) he could go by himself and pretty much swim in all the pools.  My toddler and I of course were always together.  Here's our adventure:

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
8 Waves Waterpark #1 Attraction: The Wave Pool

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Noah's Ark Pool for the kids
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
The Safari Pool
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Safari Pool Slides

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Bubble/Lap Pool
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Bubble Pool
There are different types of cottages you could rent.  They have the following:
  • Bamboo Huts
  • Steel Cottages
  • Pool Umbrellas
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Bamboo Cottages
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Steel Cottages
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Air-conditioned VIP Cottages
Resort Facilities
Here are their other facilities which I appreciate about the resort.  They exactly know what a complete and safe family recreational venue should be.  They have function halls for private events or corporate gatherings.
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Function Hall
The Neptune Diner is a spacious dining area for guests.
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Neptune Diner at 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Volleyball and billiard tables for people who wishes to have other recreational activities other than swimming.
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Volleball and Billiards Table also available at 8 Waves Waterpark
A clinic is also available for first aid matters, should you or your children have scratches, boo-boos or bumps.  For tokens of remembrance, they have trinkets and novelty items for sale in their souvenir shop.

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Souvenir Shop
Should you want to stop for a while and pray, a peaceful St. Francis grotto is situated within the vicinity.  They have a huge parking space (2 hectares actually), wide walk ways and clean shower rooms.
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
St. Francis Grotto
Guests, even older children, won't get lost because directional signage abound.  

8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
Directional signages everywhere
With all these facilities, your trip to 8 Waves Waterpark won't disappoint you.  You can be assured of their high standards of service and safety.

8 Waves Waterpark Cottage Rates
As I've mentioned earlier, their entrance fees and cottage rentals for day or night swimming are affordable.  They even have lower entrance rates for children below 4ft and for senior citizens (wtih ID).  Entrance fee for adults is P250.00 and discounted fee of P200 for children and senior citizens.

If you're going with as very large group, the Bamboo Cottages could be rented.  They are good for 13 up to 45 people.  Rates range from Php 300.00 (group of 12) up to Php 1,500 (group of 45 people.)  While their Long-Span (steel) Cottages could be rented for groups of 13 (Php 600.00) up to 18 people (Php 800.00.)    Billiard Tables may be rented for Php 120 per hour.  If you wish to spend overnight, they have a Hotel beside the pools.  For complete and updated rates, please check HERE.

How To Get There
Below is the map getting there.  Just take the North Luzon Express way.  Exit at Sta. Rita go straight ahead where you will pass by Plaridel, Pulilan then right after Baliuag, you'll reach 8 Waves Waterpark in no time.  Travel time from Manila is just 2 hours.

Complete Address:
D.R.T. Highway, Ulingao, San Rafael, Bulacan, Philippines 3008
Phone (+63) (44) 766-5268 / 766-5936
Telefax (+63) (44) 766-5272
Email /
8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel
*Map from 8 Waves website

For more information on 8 Waves Waterpark & Hotel, visit their website here.

Have you been to 8 Waves Waterpark already?  How was your experience?

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  1. Cool, it's nice pala there! I always used to get the EK package for the summer family outing when I still worked in that company. Closer to me kasi. Wish I'd tried 8waves, kahit once lang.

  2. Yes it is sis @Patty | MrsC! The packages are affordable pa! :)

  3. The water looks so cool and fresh.


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