You Are The Best Dad A Child Could Ever Have.

THANK YOU my dear Mahal for being a hands-on father to our children.   Words aren't enough, but in this post, let me articulate what ...

THANK YOU my dear Mahal for being a hands-on father to our children.  
Words aren't enough, but in this post, let me articulate what I can to let you know how special you are!

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me during my breastfeeding months to our son Wes, because you know that I just want to give him the best as long as I can.
Thank you for taking turns in changing his nappies on nights when I am too tired to get up to do it.

Thank you for feeding and putting Wes to sleep on days when I'm at work or travelling.
Thank you for being a hardworking dad to be able to provide us what we need.
Thank you for playing cars and trucks with him when he wants you to get down on the floor.
Thank you for spending most of your time off from work, just to be with him at home.
You are his look-alike (yup I now admit) who he'll look up to as his best buddy and his hero!

Thank you for being the father that Dandre needs and ever wanted.
Thank you for teaching him through discipline the values and character of a good gentleman.
Thank you for playing ball, X-Box and what have yous with him, those times are very precious to him.
Thank you for giving him hugs and pats on his back during times he needs them.
Thank you for every moment you spend with him as his father, you don't know how life changing it is for him.
Most especially thank you for loving him as your very own, he will forever be grateful for that.  
Because of your presence in his life, he will never feel incomplete.

This year's Father's Day may not be as perfect as you want it because you're missing your precious princess.
Maybe God has plans we don't really know.  I'm sure in time, she will know the REAL truth.
Never doubt yourself because not every dad would go through the lengths of what you've done for her.

Happy Father's Day to you Mahal!  You Are The Man!  Thank you for everything!  We love you!

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  1. Awww, sweet! Belated happy father's day to your hubby! By the way, he's so tall! :D

  2. That's a very nice and sweet way of letting your hubby know how precious he is to you and your whole family. :-)

  3. You are so blessed to have such partner and your kids to have such father.

  4. that is a sweet post, your hubby will surely love this.. by the way, you have a lovely family..

  5. so sweet.... and where is the little princess?

  6. Nice ! It's really comforting when spouses say something like these to us, Fathers. It makes us more enthusiastic and energetic in doing the things for the family. Sweet.....

  7. this is so sweet! You really have a good looking family. ha. =)


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