When Life Wears You Out, Count Your Blessings

I missed all of you loves!  Sorry for not updating my posts as frequently as I usually do.  I've been quite busy with a lot of things an...

I missed all of you loves!  Sorry for not updating my posts as frequently as I usually do.  I've been quite busy with a lot of things and was enjoying some bonding time with Daddy Practicality, the kids, my work, my friends and myself too.

Yup, we all do need some ME-time as I've been saying in my previous posts.  It lets a super-mega-over-the-top-busy MOM, recharge, recollect, contemplate and rejuvenate.  It makes any mom, take care of herself so that she also elevates her self-esteem and becomes more confident in taking care of other human beings and chores too.  It's important that we set some time for ourselves.

I've been stressed lately muthers, emotionally, career-wise and physically and that's why I took a "break."  A break for some moments of reflections by connecting with myself and my close circles.  No work.  No pressure.  No expectations from others.

During those times, more than the burden I was feeling, what uplifted me was realizing that after-all, I am blessed and that's what I should be thankful for.  Rather than complaining, I should be humbled and overwhelmed with the love that our Creator has been showering me and my family, and of course my blog.


  • I'm thankful for my dear son Dandre was one of the few students who got in their school's Basketball Varsity Team.  I spotted his love for the sport and his above-average skills since he was six years old, and I enrolled him in MILO B.E.S.T clinic.  He was very happy because he really wanted to learn the basics of basketball and as a mom, you ought to give your child your best to support him in developing his skills.

Dandre's Basketball Journey, 2011 - 2013.  Yup that's Chris Tiu! :)

  • I'm thankful for having my a facial procedure done for free.  I've been meaning to have it checked due to discoloration, some infections, acne and acne scars, and more actually.  I was approached by the distributor of e-Matrix machines who supplies to the TOP and KNOWN derma clinics in the Philippines.  Now my skin is tighter and I can see that the sun spots and acne scars lightened.  
e-Matrix Facial Procedure done some 2 weeks ago.  Will tell you about the experience soon
  • Daddy Practicality was given a people management role in his office.  He now leads one full shift in IT Operations.  Though not considered as a promotion, but it is a huge step because he was entrusted with the job and not everyone gets to be one.  
  • I got a hair treatment, hair color and hair trim done at Louis Phillip Kee Premiere salon.  I actually scheduled this makeover this month, but maybe I was told to wait because I'll be getting it soon without spending at all.  I will soon tell you all about the experience as well.  Tell me, if this hair doesn't need a makeover?
My super long, sabog and frizzy two-toned hair which needed an IMMEDIATE makeover
  • My little blog is continuously chosen as a trusted partner of some known brands which I am very thankful for.  Truly, as I've learned in Martine of Daintymom.com, that if you start with a concrete purpose to inspire and help, the blessings or monetary aspect will come after.  I will soon share to you loves how I started and some basics of blogging.  I never expected when I started blogging that I'll be able to grow it to where it's now.  I received private messages how I was able to help and inspire them.  For me, in blogging, that's one of the most wonderful feeling you could get.  It just means, you're doing the right thing.  It's overwhelming.
  • Last among the many other things I am thankful for, is going home to these two boys who truly care for each other and stand for each other.  They are seven years apart but they connect in more ways than one.  When I reprimand the kuya for something he did not right, the little one will come to the rescue by hugging him, looking at me and asking if I'm mad at his kuya.  What do you say to those big eyes showing how he cares for his brother?  Speechless.  I'm blessed to have my children.  I may not have a baby girl yet (maybe He will give me one soon?!) but truly, these boys make a BIG BIG difference in my life.  Forever I will be thankful for being gifted with children who are sweet, loving, kind, smart, happy and healthy.
Brother love, kuya and little one working on a project for a more fun play experience.  
So if like me, you've been thrown by life's unexpected fits, breathe in, breathe out.  If you're stressed and pressured, take a healthy break.  Think of the more wonderful things you have.  Be thankful, be humbled and know that you are blessed.  There is also no point in comparing yourself with others.  To each his own.  I learned that you should better yourself not for others, but for yourself.  :)

~ What do you do when you feel down? ~
~ What blessings did you receive lately love?  ~

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  1. Sheena Mamaril MalateOctober 21, 2013 at 11:38 AM

    You're truly blessed Ms. Louise! You deserve it because you're indeed a blessing to your blog readers like me, too! Thank you for this enlightening post. God bless you, and your family always. :)

  2. yes, muther, we need to count our blessings talaga. it's too many compared sa challenges. glad you're okay na :)

  3. Aaaww... Maraming salamat also for reading my blog! I'm truly blessed because I have people like you! :) Take care always dear!


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