Flashback! An Interview With Myself

Hello loves!  Today's post is something I just feel like writing about to make fun of myself.  Because to be able to laugh at yourself i...

Hello loves!  Today's post is something I just feel like writing about to make fun of myself.  Because to be able to laugh at yourself is healthy!  Agree sa akin dyan si Mickey Mouse and Halle Berry!  Promise!  You need proof?  Here:

I told you so! :)  Anyway, this post will also reveal something about myself so you would get to know me better.  What's going to happen is there will be main topics.  I will ask myself minimum of 5 questions each topic.  So parang lokaret lang ang peg, Tanong Ko, Sagot Ko raffle promo! :)

So here goes, brace yourselves!!!

Childhood Dream and Why?
 - I seriously wanted to be a nun.  Ang cute kasi ng belo.  I also dreamed to be Wonder Woman.  I jumped from the 10th step of our staircase, because I thought I'm not going to break a bone.  I actually did and pumutok pa ang labi ko.
First Crush/es?
- Ang landi lang, pero it was in Grade 3.  His name was Leonard Anderson, from New Manila, QC.  He was my bus mate.  I had a theme song for him, "Always."  Inaway pa ako ng isang bus mate ko na super type din siya.  Eh di kanya na!
Embarrassing Moment?
- In grade 6, I was asked to go up our auditorium's stage in front of the whole batch.  I together with 2 more girls were reprimanded by the principal for having dedication messages signed on our uniforms when it wasn't even our official last day.  Trip lang.  Ayun, kulet ko no?
How did you look like then?
- When I was in pre-school I think cute ako kasi chubby ako.  When I grew older, from grade 1 - 6 was skinny and really dark, as in dark brown color ng skin.
Did you have galis?
- Honestly, perfect ako... NOT!  Hahahaha!  I think I did when I was younger ha.  I had wounds and I remember my mom putting penicillin on them.  Yuck na yuck talaga ako that time!  As if naman anak mayaman ako kung maka-yuck.
What did you play then?
- I used to play bahay-bahayan, luto-lutuan, doll house, Jack Stones, Chinese Garter, Chinese jack stones, Pekwa, Fishing-fishing (it's a card game), Patintero, Agawan-base, Touch Ball, Pick-up Sticks, habulan, langit at lupa, Piko, Game n' Watch (Mickey Mouse and Catching Eggs), then moved on to Nintendo.
Weird things you did?
- I eat Chicharon with rice (I still do!)  I eat pula of balut with rice (I still do!) I stare at the water first for as long as I can before taking a bath (I hate cold water kasi, takot sa tubig, no wonder ang color ng skin ko dark brown diba?) I flatten a cup of hot rice to make it colder before eating.

What did you want to be this time?
- I wanted to be a DIVA!  Or a famous TV personality.  Pag sa CR, lagi akong nagpepretend being interviewed by reporters about my latest movie or about a circulating rumor.  Parang baliw lang, I talk to myself with a twang pa ha!
What were your pressures?
- I didn't feel any PRRREEESURE back then, joke lang.  I was pressuring myself to be like any other girls.  I was I think trying to fit it because I was a transferee.  Pero not to the levelz naman of parang naging bibo ako.  In 3rd year, I learned to accept myself, built my self-esteem and confidence.  Being in the Glee Club was a big help.
Least favorite subject?
- Anything related to Science.  Admittedly, I had a grade of 70 in Chemistry ata?  Nakakahiya!  Wag sana mabasa to ng kids ko! hahaha! :P
Did you do something illegal, not allowed or stupid?
- I slept in every History class.  I also went to Pansol, Laguna with my friends one Saturday to swim nang patakas.  My parents thought I was doing a school project.  Ayun ambilis ng Karma, I had BEKE, the following day.  I also had suitors which my parents didn't know about, puro ligaw ligaw lang, nothing serious.  Kahit bawal, nagpapaligaw ako.  Landi lang.  hahaha!  I learned how to drink and smoke, thanks to my friends Gel, Espie and Gi.  Dapat hindi ako nakinig sa inyo nun eh!
Most embarrassing moment/s?
- I was playing basketball with Gemma, Bachie and Melissa in the gym after school.  We tripped over each other habang hinahabol namin yung bola.  As in subsob mukha sa face with matching nakataas na palda over the head.  Buti na lang, mga naka-shorts kami nun!  Baduy no? Shorts?  Hahaha!
Things most people don't know about you then?
- I tried out in our school's basketball varsity and I got in.  Had to quit kasi ang daming pogi na girls.  I aslo tried painting, I learned how to love acting, I had a long-time crush who was also courting me but para siyang kabuti, susulpot lang kung kelan niya gusto.
Did you enjoy High School?
- SUPER!!!  The best years of my life!  Ang daming adventures, di ko mabilang! =)

What did you want to be this time?
- It's clearer that time that I wanted to be a newscaster or a behind-the-scenes production crew.  But the thing was, they don't want me!  Hehehe!
Were you active in school organizations?
- I went to two schools during college, kasi naguluhan ako sa gusto ko eh!  First two years were spent at University of Santo Tomas.  I wasn't active in any organizations there.  But when I transferred to College of the Holy Spirit Manila, binawi ko!  Lahat ng orgs sinalihan ko, kahit org sa ibang school! GO!
How was your love life?
- Late bloomer ako.  Early to landi with crushes but never had a serious boyfriend until second year in college.  Ayun oh!  First boyfriend was first a friend, parang film lang, nadevelop.
Did you do something illegal? Stupid?  Not Allowed?
- Yes I did, I did ALL OF THEM!! (Pipe in EVIL laugh here)  But to tell you what I only can para may konti pa kayong respeto sa akin, I drove with my friends to Tagaytay and upon returning to Manila, we got into a serious accident, went to a police station to complete a report, para may ma-claim sa insurance.  My car also got towed, at hindi ako umuwi hangga't di ko siya nakukuha sa Pier sa Manila.  I asked helped from friends to pool money.  Up to this day, my parents don't know about it.  I also ran away from home, experiment lang din.  Pinalaki ko lang issue ko with my mom.  I went to San Pablo, Laguna at my bff Jellie's hometown.  That's where I watched ERASERHEADS LIVE for the very first time!  Bad kong daughter, pero that paved way to an open communication between us, it was life-changing.  Kaya actually takot ako magka-bebe girl!
Embarrassing Moment/s?
- I was having an LBM during a date out.  I'm sorry to say, napa-fart ako aloud.  Di ko mapigilan friends.  Tao lang ako, hindi robot.  Nangyayari yun diba?  Dumeadma ako kahit obviously ako yun.  Grace under pressure pa rin!

- "Anak, I TRUST YOU!  I know, kahit hindi ka namin nakikita palagi, GOOD GIRL ka!"  Mga muthers, that meant a lot to me.  Everyday, every time I'm away from home, that line is on repeat mode in my mind.  It helped that my mom kept on subliminally telling me not to do bad things that would destroy my life.  For this, I became conscious sa lahat ng ginagawa ko, whether good or not good, I do take risks, but all calculated and things that will not put me so much in the bad light!  So to moms, effective yan line na yan!  Promise! :)

So there, I hope na-entertain kayo with some facts about myself.  It's one of these days when I just want to scream and shout and let it all out.  I just want to relax, be real and enjoy life.

I could say that I indeed enjoyed my younger years.  It was a happy childhood.  Whatever I did, no regrets.  Should unfortunate things had happened, I'm still happy it did, because I picked up some lessons to equip me today.  I'm also thankful for having a supportive and trusting parents.

Let me leave you with this quote:
~ What is your most unforgettable childhood memory? ~

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  1. Weee!!! Ansarap magbasa ng ganito Mommy Louise! I love reminiscing my younger years. Just like you, pinakamasaya for me yung high school. "Experimentation" lang ang peg eh! Marami rin akong kalokohan noon. natutunan kong uminom ng beer when I was a sophomore, tapos lambanog at gin nung 4th year. Haha! Pero syempre, favorite ko rin yung mga panahon na nene pa ako, around 4-11 years old. I grew up here in Laguna, in a small barangay near rice fields. Ay ansarap sumakay sa paragos at sa bangka, maglaro sa palayan pagkatapos pag-uwi ko puro rashes kamay ko kasi may skin asthma ako. Humiga ba naman sa dayami! I also love playing with my neighbors till 9pm. Ngayon hindi na pwede ang ganun kasi delikado na ang panahon. Hay, ang sarap mag-reminisce.

  2. I know! That's why I wrote this, kasi I felt like reminiscing and going back to happy childhood days! I envy you you have a province.. I don't have kasi. hehehe! Nice ng sharing mo about your childhood ha! :)

  3. Dude hindi ka maitim nun hs... Feeling mo lang

  4. Bwahahaha! i was from Grades 1 - 6 dude! :P hahaha! Mag-TBT photo ako soon! hahaha! Dark brown levelz!


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