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Hello loves!  How's your week so far?  Mine is a mix of great but a bit disheartening too.  The latter because of the recent major earth...

Hello loves!  How's your week so far?  Mine is a mix of great but a bit disheartening too.  The latter because of the recent major earthquake which badly hit Bohol and Cebu and caused a number of centuries-old beautiful churches to collapse.  But on a positive note, it has been great because I got a free hair makeover the other week, spent some movie nights with hubby at home and of course have my dose of bonding with kids by doing both the daily rituals and special activities with them.

Speaking of these simple yet joyful daily rituals and activities I have with my kids, remember I posted a video on YouTube which I shared in my humble blog a few weeks ago over here?  It is a video about my Signature of Love for my two boys.  It showed how much I love them by doing simple things together everyday, so I may teach them what my "I LOVE YOU" exactly means.

Saying "I love you" for me goes beyond words.  For moms like you and me, we show our love through a lot of things.  It could be expressed through different languages:  Affirmation, Time, Gifts, Service and Touch. In my video, I showed our daily/nightly routine I have with my kids which includes bathing, playing, hugging, studying, massaging and reading books to them, is an example of these languages of love.  And those are my very own signatures of love.

By the way loves, isn't it I asked you to share your own video about your unique expressions of love for your children?  That if you did share, your entry may have a chance to be shown on Johnson's Baby TV Commercial?  I'm so happy to share with you that you and 200 other moms shared their videos, and now, Johnson's Baby is excited to show you a compilation of Signatures of Love from all over the Philippines.

When I watched the whole commercial, of course with my kids singing endlessly to it, my eyes welled up.  Why?  It's because, it showed that any mother would go lengths to let her children know how much she loves them by simply holding the hand of the little one, by being silly to make them laugh, by tickling and massaging them.  It was emotional for me because it speaks the voice of the real mothers all over the country and that wherever we may come from, one thing is for sure: We love our children very dearly, we just have our own Signatures Of Love.

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  1. Bru, look at your Top Blogs rank! No. 4 ka na (next to Mommy Fleaur! Wow! Congrats, Louise!

  2. Cute ng video nyo. I love that song talaga feel na feel ko being a Mommy :-) Great Campaign for Johnsons Baby Signature of Love.

  3. Hello Rochelle! :) Thanks for dropping by! I stalk your blog fyi pala! hahaha! I love your contents and you're very pretty too! :) Hope to meet you in person! The events you attended, I was invited too but couldn't make it! Next time, I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon! :) Take care and have a nice day love!


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