Safe Indoor Activities For Kids This Rainy Season

A few weeks ago, classes were suspended for several days due to the heavy rains.  This means vacation for this kids and play time as well,...

A few weeks ago, classes were suspended for several days due to the heavy rains.  This means vacation for this kids and play time as well, while for us, it’s a time to get resourceful and creative to prepare some safe indoor activities for them.  Why?  So they won’t get bored when not in school.

True it’s so convenient to just turn the TV or DVD on or give them a tablet to keep them entertained right?  But studies show, it’s not good to expose them to those for long periods of time.  Wouldn’t having them at home while singing “Rain, Rain, Go Away” together a greater way to bond with them?  Actually, you could do so much more activities with the kids to keep them entertained so that “boring” would not be a word they would even utter.

I’ve listed some ideas of safe indoor activities you could do with your kids this rainy season:

Eat and Drink Safe and Nutritious Food and Beverages – Of all the activities this goes to the top of our list!  Who wouldn’t want to enjoy hot soup (Sinigang, Bulalo, Tinola and many more) or a bowl of porridge (Lugaw, Arroz Caldo, Goto) on a cold rainy day right?  We most especially love eating fresh and cold fruits such as mangoes, grapes and bananas.  My boys love smothering banana halves in chocolate syrup.  We also love making mango shakes or mango floats.  Not only they’re nutritious foods but the process of turning simple fruits into a special dessert recipes, is a fun and safe bonding activity with the kids.  Never forget to drink plenty of clean, safe, and uncontaminated water to stay hydrated and healthy.  It's important to only drink safe water especially on rainy days because water-borne diseases are rampant such as diarrhea, cholera, and even hepatitis A and E.

Of course, only choose to drink the safest, most-trusted by moms and prescribed by pediatricians, Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water.  Wilkins has always made children’s health and safety its top priority. Owned by The Coca-Cola Company, it follows an international quality control system and uses only state-of-the-art equipment in packing and sealing its product to ensure clean and safe quality water.  So as a mom, I only want to give my family, especially the children, the safest drinking water, Wilkins.

Sing and Dance - I'm happy to belong to a musically inclined family which luckily, my sons got from me.  Both of them love to sing and dance.  The older one now plays guitar!  Apart from Rain Rain Go Away, why not encourage your children to send the blues away by singing or dancing.  Not only you and others in the household are entertained, but they also use their time productively by practicing their vocal prowess.  Also, studies show that music has an effect to children's intelligence! :)
Read Story Books or Answer Activity Books - Staying at home all day while raining need not be boring.  Encourage your children's love for books and keep their imaginations alive by reading stories with them.  Both my sons are trained readers and they love getting good books as pasalubong from work!  Not only it's safe, but it's educational and intellectually stimulating as well!  

Make a Blanket Tent as their Playing/Reading Nook – I remember doing this exact thing for my first-born when he was as young as my Wessie.  Having their own tent where they could hang out while it’s raining outside makes the kids feel they OWN a space.  Put their favorite books or toys inside like stuffed animals.  When I did this, my little one read books to the stuffed toys and pretended he’s their daddy.  It confirmed my realization all the more that our children mirror how we speak, act and think, when they are immersed in their own worlds.

Arts and Crafts – Keep the kids busy and exercise their creativity by doing arts with them.  It could be anything from drawing, coloring, painting, making and building things.  My mom enrolled me to a painting class when I was aged six and I remember how I loved experimenting with colored paints and seeing them on canvass was a WOW experience for me.  I know that by letting my children do this too, their happy colorful heart will be excited too!  Arts could help the children express what they feel inside which sometimes words could not exactly articulate.  
On the other hand, building and making things from scratch or from nothing also improves their critical thinking and problem solving skills.  
Do you have any more safe indoor activities for kids this rainy day?  Let’s converse below and share brilliant ideas.  You may also visit and like Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Facebook Page for more safety tips.

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  1. These are great ideas, I always find ways of entertaining my daughter without gadgets as much as possible ;)


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