Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney

There's nothing more exciting for my four year old than to see the Disney characters he loves up close and performing LIVE!  Thanks to S...

There's nothing more exciting for my four year old than to see the Disney characters he loves up close and performing LIVE!  Thanks to Sun Cellular for making this possible for me and the kids!

Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
#SUNDisney: Disney Live, Mickey's Music Festival

Last week, the recently-concluded and Sun-supported highly-anticipated show featured a high-energy, family-style rock concert featuring more than 25 beloved Disney characters from the classic films such as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story to the classics like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.  My little one shrieked out of joy and excitement as it was his second time to see Disney characters live!  Indeed a perfect gift of joyful experience for both my children who happen to celebrate their birthdays this month of September.
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
As a mother. I'm sure you agree that we only want what's best for our kids.  Most of the time, people think that giving kids toys or shopping money are the things which would mark in their memories.
Dandre and Wessie's September birthday surprise!  Up close with Disney characters they love!
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
This little one of course enjoyed more when he saw Woody and Buzz Lightyear on stage!
Just like what a long-time Sun subscriber, Joel Saludres, said, "..The Sun-Disney experience will definitely be part of the children's core memory, something they will cherish until they grow up."  Because of Sun, they were able to take pictures with Mickey, Minnie at the meet-and-greet.  His kids enjoyed the entire show just like my own kids!  They were dancing and participating in the interactive parts of the show.
Ariel, the Little Mermaid singing Part Of Your World, my personal favorite!
But seriously speaking, and atin-atin na lang ito, I'm also so grateful to be there too because it's the first time for me to actually be that close to the characters I also grew up with!  Hindi lang kids ko natuwa, me too!  I grew up singing "Part Of Your World" in my schools' Glee Club auditions.  When we had a concert, part of our repertoire is singing Disney songs and one of the most memorable songs we sang was "A Whole New World" kasi kasama namin sa song number ang mga boys from La Salle Greenhills.  Of course that time kilig kilig pa diba?  Core memory ko rin yun!
Ito pa, I watched Disney Live during the same show time slot with my childhood celebrity crush,(kilig-kilig!) and his adorable family, Patrick Garcia.  Of course, I didn't pass the chance to take a photo with him!
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Watched the show with my childhood celebrity crush, Patrick Garcia!
Here are more cute photos from the show:
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie LIVE!
The Genie in the lamp in one Arabian Night dance number
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
A Whole New World with Princess Jasmine and Aladdin
Cute Sebastian of the Little Mermaid
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Ariel, the Little Mermaid
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Ariel and Prince Eric meets for the first time!
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Toy Soldiers in action
Wes' favorites! Jessie, Woody, and Bullseye of the Toy Story
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Buzz Lightyear, my boys' favorite too!
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Finale number from the cast of Disney Live: Mickey's Music Festival #SunDisney
Like most of the Sun subscribers who got a chance to watch Disney Live: Mickey's Music Festival, we are very thankful that Sun collaborated with Disney to give a one-of-a-kind experience to Filipinos.  According to Sun vice president for postpaid marketing Joel Lumanlan, “Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival allows everybody watching to relive their childhood Disney memories and experience the magic of Disney in a brand new light...And we’re making this experience much more memorable as Sun brings this magical event closer to our subscribers through special promos and exclusive perks.”

In fact, lucky Sun subscribers were given free tickets to the show for them & their families through an online raffle. Applicants of Sun Best-Value Postpaid Plans were also given the chance to watch the show, while audience members were given special treats at the Sun booth in the KIA theater. Selected Sun subscribers were also given a chance to meet and greet their favourite Disney characters after the show.
Disney Live: Mickey’s Music Festival #SunDisney
Thank you Sun Cellular for this wonderful and exciting experience and birthday treat for my sons! #SunDisney
But what our family is actually more excited about is that Sun is also geared to make another Disney event much brighter via “Disney on Ice: Disney Magical Ice Festival” this December. Sun prepaid, postpaid and broadband subscribers will once again be given the chance to experience the magic of Disney in-person.  I'm excited for my kids, lalo na the little one, because he really loves all the Disney characters, we actually watched "Disney on Ice" last year too!  So be on the watch for future announcements and relive your childhood memories through a larger-than-life experience with Sun and Disney.

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