Wedding Preparation Tips on Making It less Stressful

Source Stress. Happy Stress.  Ngarag Stress.  Excited Stress.  These are the different levels of stress that I feel when wedding prepa...

Wedding Preparation Tips


Happy Stress.  Ngarag Stress.  Excited Stress.  These are the different levels of stress that I feel when wedding preparations are concerned.  The anxieties, excitement, and pressures I feel go uphill and downhill.  I don't know if this is normal, but based from brides I talked to it is.  But their number one advice to me is "Just make sure you keep the stresses H-A-P-P-Y!  You'll do fine.  Enjoy it!"

Big word(s).

Well, it's really easier said pala talaga than done.  That's what I realize now.  I may be a campaigns strategist who also handles events at work, but wedding is different.  I'm sure most of you married women reading this would totally agree.  Ako naman, while juggling my deliverables at work and home, and doing my duties to my slowed down blog (which I feel so sad about for not updating as frequently... ), I do all the research, contacting, negotiating, and scheduling of meetings with suppliers.  My better half who's also busy with work would do his tasks as requested, (we all know guys could only do one thing at a time.)

So, which brings me to sharing with you some realizations and tips on Wedding Preparation:
  • Set rules of engagement with better half. - Save yourself from arguments and pointing fingers when things go wrong (or even right) during your wedding day.  Make sure you're all in this together,.  It's not YOUR wedding alone, remember that.  So a good guy fried of mine gave an advice to lay down cards with what you need and expect from each other during the preparation.  There were general rules that we set like, no saying "Ikaw bahala."  The decision to get this supplier or not OR to book this venue or not, should always be mutual.  Tools: Constant loving communication with your husband-to-be and time.
  • Make a list.  Make a list of things you need and things that are nice to have.  Make a list of your guests.  Make a list of tasks to be done.  Sometimes ideas keep on pouring and if we don't take note of them or list them down, we tend to forget great ideas.  So keep on listing things to so you're guided with your preparations.  Tools: Notebook, journal or MS Excel.
  • Use a calendar.  Sometimes, even you've already listed meetings on your planner or notebooks, it's still more visually helpful to see schedules of your meetings and activities on calendar.  With the calendar, you see everything in just one look.  On your mobile phone, you may also plot your schedule and even set an alarm to remind you of your appointments.  Tools: Actual calendar, planner or mobile phone calendar.
  • Set and as much as possible, Stick to your Budget.  Set a budget, refer to your list of needs and nice-to haves, allocate budget for the needs and if there's an extra or if you saved some money due to discounts or freebies, then that's the time you could have some of the nice to have items for your wedding.  Usually couples do have an ideal budget for the wedding.  But I realize now, that you need to allot budget for contingencies.  But even so, you should set a budget ceiling, and stick to it.  Tools: Notebook or MS Excel.
  • Research. Since the time my love proposed to me, I've been doing my researches online whenever I can (during lunch breaks at work, on weekends, when bored, etc.).  I have a Pinterest account, where I compile all my wedding pegs and inspirations.  Gah... Pinterest is so addicting and for me personally, it takes me away from where I am like an astral travel or like in a dream.  I research also on trends, on how I'd be able to save on some items for the wedding, I research on legal requirements, venues, caterers, and other suppliers.  Tools: Internet, computer, laptop, MS Applications (Word, Powerpoint and Excel), notebook, journal, and Pinterest! :)
  • Attend Wedding Expos.  Honestly speaking, we've only attended two wedding expos, last June at PICC and just this month at SMX.  If you've already zoomed in (actually kahit hindi pa) on what you need and want for your wedding, going to wedding expos to score discounted rates from supplier exhibitors is a great idea.  Exhibitors usually have special rates applicable only on the exhibit dates.  If you booked their service on those dates, they give 20% to 30% discounts plus freebies.  The organizers also have raffle draws happening every hour or so among registered attendants where a couple could get valuable prizes such as cakes, free pre-nup pictorial, video services, etc.  I booked a jewelry supplier for our wedding rings and we got 30% discount.  This is also true with other supplier exhibitors, just make sure you make a minimum reservation to avail their discounts or freebies (for our rings, P1K reservation or booking fee was all we paid).  If you're not ready to book on the spot, then the wedding expos are good venues to keep a tab on wedding suppliers, just keep the brochures they give away for your future reference.  Tools: Email, Social Media, Journal, Folder or Envelope (for documents), and Calendar.
  • Compare and Negotiate.  Once you start contacting venues, caterers and other suppliers, it helps you and your partner to save a lot when you do comparison of rates and packages.  For example, one supplier may offer a service for a lower price but the inclusions are not enough or they have poor quality output.  One may have higher rates but looking at their portfolio, you know that you'll get what you pay for.  Offered packages could be tricky so study them carefully.  Once you've decided on a particular supplier, try to still negotiate.  Ask if some of the things in their packages you don't need could be deducted from their rates.  You'd be surprised that some suppliers are kind and understanding enough to these things.  Tools: Good communication and negotiation skills, and MS Excel
  • Have fun preparing.  Yup just like what I mentioned earlier, it's easier said than done.  But while at it, make the most of every bonding time you have with your soon-to-be-husband.  This is also a great way for you to know him better, his likes and dislikes, his tastes, his styles, how he handles stress and pressure as well, his decision making skills, and his hidden excitement over the fact that you actually agreed to marry him by accepting his proposal right?
I hope I was able to help you soon-to-be brides with this list of practical tips and tricks.  My wedding is actually two months away.  Honestly, I still feel the excited-stress each time I look at my list of things to do and my calendar as well.  Meetings with suppliers and negotiations have become more frequent these past few days.  But I've managed to become more organized and focused on what we visioned our wedding to be which you could find in my other post.  

Lastly, always remember that it is YOUR wedding so don't be too pressured with what others are saying about how you should go about it.  After all, the wedding is really about the union and for the two of you.  Happy Wedding Planning loves! :)

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