#MommyPracticalityPreggyOOTD: Weeks 13 to 17

Here I am being true to my blog goals this year .  I remember my blog # goal #2 which is to continue my blog series.  One of the blog series...

Here I am being true to my blog goals this year.  I remember my blog # goal #2 which is to continue my blog series.  One of the blog series is this, which is my Mommy Practicality Practical Fashion or better put, OOTD blog series.  It will be a weekly digest of what I wore or how I wore it.

Forgive me for now for the quality of the photos (again listed in my blog goals is to take better pictures I know but for now, here's the best I could do), but I'll do better next time.  I think I just need to hire a good friend who will be willing to put up with my OOTD kaartehan and directions.

What will make this OOTD series interesting is that, I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant.  So the OOTD series for the next couple of months will be me and my big growing belly bebe.

Here are my #MommyPracticalityPreggyOOTD / #MommyPracticalityOOTD 's, the hashtag I use for my IG photos, from weeks 13 to 17.

Week 13:
It's interesting to have found out that I lost 3 kilos during my first trimester, which officially ended a week before posting this photo.  So if you'd compare my frame here to my other photos, you'd see that I dropped a few kilograms.  

Mainly, this was due to better choices of food (chose to eat healthier) which included kicking out some drinks and food that won't help me having a healthy pregnancy such as daily black coffee, too much sweets, and sodas.

Wearing a three year old navy blue and white striped top with my 5-year old Havin' A Baby cute jeans.  I matched the get-up with my comforable Polo by Ralph Lauren white canvass sneakers which I bought two to three years ago on a post-holiday sale! :)
Week 14:
My bump is bigger than last week because I was slowly gaining my appetite after my first trimester.  I guess it's showing in my baby bump here.  
I'm wearing my regular stretch H&M cotton top with my maternity denim pants (I think I bought this in SM Store) I used when I was still pregnant with Wes, 5 year ago.
To make walking comfortable, I wore my Nike Internationalist sneakers, which of course I bought at 30% off in Sta. Rosa, during our Seda Nuvali staycation.

Week 14 - 15: 
I love love this 3/4 sleeved cotton dress I bought from Uniqlo during the holidays.  It's not exactly a maternity dress, but when it's on me, it kind of hides my bulging pouch. Not that I don't want to show it, it just looks good on I think any body frame.  Plus it has side pockets which is perfect for coins, keys, or small purse, so you could use your other hands for holding hands with hubby or the kids.
My footwear is by Skechers which I got from one of the events I attended two years ago.  I love Skechers GoWalk2 because it's really comfortable like you're stepping on clouds when you walk or run with it.

Week 15:
When I was looking for my maternity clothes, specifically tops and dresses, at home so I could reuse them, I couldn't find them anymore sadly.  I think I may have handed it over to a friend a few years ago.  So early this year, I bought new preggy clothes.
This Little Black Dress (LBD for preggy) was bought in SM Store, SM Woman Maternal line.  It's so comfortable and I feel like a sexy preggy momma wearing it (pagbigyan niyo na ako!).  
My footwear is from Yosi Samra which I got as a gift during the first ever Blissmakerie event of Make It Blissful.
A photo posted by Louise Fandiño-Santos (@mommypracticality) on
Week 15-16: 
Would you believe that this maxi dress was bought from Ukay-Ukay a few years ago?  I was with the family during one of our Marikina hits, and while they were looking for shoes in the outlet stores, I was looking through the Ukay-Ukay shops.
The animal print scarf is by Cotton On, a gift I got two years ago from a dear colleague.

A photo posted by Louise Fandiño-Santos (@mommypracticality) on
Week 16:
The maternity top was bought also in SM Store's SM Woman Maternal.  Again, yup it's in stripes, and it's in navy blue and white again.  I think I have a relationship with stripes during my pregnancy.  Bottom is my reliable maternity denim pants and shoes again is by Skechers GoWalk2.

Week 17: 
The beige dress is the same as the LBD I bought from SM Store's SM Woman Maternal.  I so love its fit and its comfort that I bought two in different colors.  I paired it with my Cotton On animal print shawl.  Footwear is by Parisian, a 1.5-2 inch-heeled closed shoes.  Don't worry, I'm used to wearing heeled shoes, sometimes the flats get me tripping more.

Week 17:
 This sleeveless, denim, buttoned up top was also bought from SM Woman Maternal.  I'm sure you've noticed that I bought plenty from the brand.  I was surprised to know that they have so many modern maternity clothes that reflect my personality, simple but elegant, and of course practical.  Most of their maternity clothes are no-non-sense and come in colors I like most.  I paired it with a grey leggings I bought from Forever 21, which I used so many times to the gym.  It's so versatile and even if you wear the leggings with a short top, it's so okay.  In short, it won't show any camel toes.  Promise! :)  My ever-reliable, durable and comfortable navy blue Skechers GoWalk2 pair blends in perfectly!

So there goes my first OOTD post for the year.  I promise myself that I'll be consistent with this series so that somehow, I could share my shopping picks and some practical shopping tips as well.   If you're on Instagram, you may follow my daily snapshots of life and click on the hashtag #MommyPracticalityOOTD or #MommyPracticalityPreggyOOTD for updates on my preggy outfits.

Oh and by the way, let me just add pala, that before I shopped for new clothes, I made sure I sorted my old clothes to be donated, to be given to our helpers, to throw, and hopefully to sell but I've got no more time, so we just simply disposed of them.  It's been a habit of mine lately to declutter and throw things that are not working, broken, and not useful.  It's therapeutic I tell you.  Makes me want to throw more and more.  Yes to decluttering! is another mantra for this year.  I just want to live more simply and with more purpose, so I could get everything in order.

How about you?  Have you done decluttering your closet or the whole house?  And what's your favorite work or house wardrobe these days?  Do share loves! :)

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