Opening of Kendo Creative in Cubao X and #MIBInstaMeet

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when I drove myself to Cubao X, to witness the soft opening of Kendo Creative and attend Make It Bliss...

It was a lovely Saturday afternoon when I drove myself to Cubao X, to witness the soft opening of Kendo Creative and attend Make It Blissful's first #MIBInstaMeet event.  Miraculously, there was no traffic that afternoon which made me think the universe conspired for me to be there.  I'm really happy my schedule allowed me to support my friends Martine de Luna and her sister-in-law Nica Cosio and their husbands, Ton and Kayo with the launch of their newest business venture.

Martine de Luna of talks about opening of Kendo Creative and #MIBInstaMeet
Kayo Cosio, welcomes guests by talking about the Kendo Creative concept.
As per Nica, opening up the Kendo Creative has been a dream of them as artists.  They talked about opening "a place where many different types of art is welcome and hold events where people can just express their creativity without it being so formal or intimidating."  Finally, this year, it has become a reality, where it rightfully belongs, in the heart and soul of arts and vintage finds are, in Cubao X.
Kendo Creative runs a coffee bar which serves hand poured specialty coffee and cold brews from Shophouse Coffee Co.  Shophouse is the baby business of Martine and husband Ton, which I truly support and would love to consume myself with, only after giving birth.  I'm such a coffee person and to not be able to have a serving that afternoon was punishing.  So I just indulged myself in smelling the aroma from my friends' cups.  Poor me.
What could you do in Kendo Creative?  As its name suggests, it could be creatively transformed into a space you want it to be.  A meet-up space, a workshop space, an event space or simply a hang-out place where you and your friends or colleagues could enjoy a serving or two of Shophouse Coffee.
And by the way, Nica and Kayo, also prepared color-in postcards which they give away with every cup of coffee ordered.  Coloring materials are available on the table.  I also gave my rusty artsy had a try on one or two postcards.  I'm sure you'd all agree that coloring is a therapeutic and relaxing activity.  Having these postcards to color while hanging or waiting for your companions in Kendo, is truly inviting and adds charm to its spacious and naturally-lit creative space.
Free coffee and strawberry shortcake and avocado cake were served to guests that afternoon.  Cakes were moist and has the right level of sweetness!  They were provided by Lia's Cakes in Season.
Two of the best parts of this wonderful afternoon were: 1) I got to chika with my mentor-friend Martine and co-Blissmakers Denise and Vanessa, and 2) I just found out I was one of the IG photo contest winners of the #MIBInstaMeet!  Ika nga nila, swerte ang mga buntis! :)
MIB Blissmakers: Denise Rayala of Royal Domesticity, Martine of Make It Blussful, myself, and Vanessa of
I encourage you to visit Kendo Creative, shop #33 Cubao X, and unleash the artist spirit in you over a cup of coffee and some color-in postcards too!  They are open everyday after lunch except on Sundays.  For more updates, follow Kendo Creative on Instagram and its hashtag #youkendoit and also Shophouse Coffee Co. on Instagram too.  For more photos on the Make It Blissful InstaMeet event, search for #MIBInstaMeet on IG to see beautiful snapshots of Kendo Creative.

* Some photos used in this post were taken by Martine de Luna

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  1. Would love to try their cold brew. Sus Louise, you really don't look preggy in those group photos!

  2. I want to try Shophouse!!!!!! Have to make time to go to Cubao. :D You look great, Louise!!! :)

  3. Hi @Vera.. yes.. ako hanggang amoy lang... And thanks for the compliment... my tummy is super big, natatago lang ng clothes minsan na madaya.. hehehe!

  4. Thanks @Toni Tiu! Would love to see you there soon! :) Super cozy and conducive to blogging yung feels. :)

  5. Thanks @Toni Tiu ! Would love to see you there soon! :) Super cozy and conducive to blogging yung feels. :)


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