My First-Ever Maternity Photo Session

Hello loves!  I'm excited to share with you my first-ever maternity photo session with husband and kids.  I've never done anything l...

Hello loves!  I'm excited to share with you my first-ever maternity photo session with husband and kids.  I've never done anything like this with my first two.  I've always admired beautiful pregnant moms I see online who post professionally taken photos.  As I've said, every pregnancy is unique.  I see big, small, medium, irregularly-shaped preggy bellies captured beautifully on camera by (I'm sure) patient, gently, considerate, and understanding photographers.

This photo session was a gift from my husband.  He knows how much I wished for a photo shoot while pregnant because I think tinamaan siya sa mga parinig ko... LOL!  Actually, he would hear me admire (outloud that is) photo shoots of some of my preggy friends and of celebrities.  He contacted his talented and really good photographer friend who didn't charge us that much.

I didn't have time to prepare much for this photo session.  What's to prepare anyway?  I'm pregnant, I can't go on a diet to be seen as a hot preggy momma on cam.  Hahaha!  Wait that's funny!  I have no intention to look hot anyway.

First, the date.  Both our and the photographer's schedule are full.  Luckily, we found a common schedule which was only three days away from that time.  I didn't have a venue yet!  I didn't want to do it outdoors because it's too hot and usually permits would be required.  Also, then changing area could be challenging.  I tried finding a promo hotel room with plenty of natural light to make the photos look clean and well-lit.  The problem was, there were no promo rates or availability was an issue on our choices of hotel.

I tried looking through and there was one particular unit which was on promo and with nice white walls, a wide window which allows natural light flow through the room, an almost floor-to-ceiling black window, and an eye-catching red couch which I already imagined would be pretty on photos.  I booked it right away and it's available on the schedule we've locked in.  It was only Php1,499 all in (room rate plus service fee) for an overnight stay.

Since I had very little time to prepare, I just looked into my closet and got whatever available maternity clothes I have which I think would bring out the preggy best in me.  I prepared three sets for solo shot, two sets for couple shots, and another two sets for family shots.  We only hired a photographer, no art director, no stylist, no hair and make-up artist.  So sariling kayod lahat.  My creativity and styling skills (if there's any), were challenged and I could say it was put to good use really.

Here's a list of what I prepared for myself and the family:
  • First Solo Set: Black bandeau, black maternity shorts, and grey layered long vest
  • Second Solo Set: White sleeveless unbuttoned top, and same black maternity shorts
  • Third Solo Set: Royal Blue Infinity Dress
  • First Couple Set: My second solo set outfit, for husband, white shirt and the shorts he was wearing already
  • Second Couple Set: Black bandeau and black maternity shorts for me, topless for hubby.  #mejosexy
  • First Family Set: All white shirt and all denim pants
  • Second Family Set: All grey shirt/top and same denim pants
Now, the best part of this post, the photos! :)  These are all unedited photos which I just arranged in pages of collages.  The photos were taken using Fujifilm Mirrorless X-T1 + 35mm f2 by Jep Major (Jep Viloria).  Right after the shoot, Jep handed me the SD Card from his camera, saved the photos on my hard disk, and that's it.  No more editing.  He will be sending me a few edited artist's choice photos in the coming days or weeks, depending on his free schedule.

Without delaying further, here are the photos loves, ENJOY!!! :)

We're ecstatic about the turn out of the photo session which took us about four to five hours.  Jep was very patient and gentle to me while he was shooting my solo shots.  He may be without assistance but with his years of experience in events, modelling, and commercial photo shoots, he certainly knows how to direct or style the poses of all our photos.  I'm happy with all our shots.  He was able to bring out the emotions as he captured the love, laughter, the excitement, and the anticipation on the coming of the new addition to our family, in every shot he took of us.  He made my very first-ever maternity photo session memorable and special, not only for me, but for the whole family.

About The Photographer
Jep is a hardworking, freelance photographer based in Manila,  He accepts photography gigs, big or small, private (birthday christening, prenup, debut or wedding) or corporate events, and portraits.  AND for a reasonable price.  If you'd be needing a kind and professional photographer, you could contact Jep by sending him a message over at his FB Page or follow him on Instagram.

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  1. Bought the blue Infinity gown online @Nheng. Because I can wear it whether pregnant or not... and I can wear it in 27 different styles. Sulit diba? :)


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