Pregnancy Update: Shopping and Preparing For Baby Boy #3

Since I am still on an official bed-resting-phase ( which I hope to be lifted on my next check-up, but husband would rather let me stay in u...

Since I am still on an official bed-resting-phase (which I hope to be lifted on my next check-up, but husband would rather let me stay in until I pop), I rarely go out and my schedule hasn't been normal.  I may have a full-time job, I go to the office everyday meet and truly enjoy the company of the same faces, but I make sure I do something to not make it routinary.  Now I'm on house-arrest, there are times that boredom kicks in because I do the same things day in and day out, my activities are limited, so I try hard to fight it by doing these things.

There are times I get to go out, never without my husband, on weekdays to visit the office (with my OB's clearance of course), and on weekends with the whole family.  When I do, I make the most out of the day by putting an agenda in every preggy "field trip."  I never thought that going out could mean so much to me, especially with my condition, so I learned more about patience, contentment in little things, and appreciation during these times.  One of which that occupied one field trip day was shopping for our upcoming baby boy! :)

My usual mall or shopping outfit.  Comfort and style is for me!
I was so thrilled that day that I almost finished purchasing everything we need for the coming of the baby.  We didn't buy too much because I already spent a day at home before the shopping day looking for some baby stuff my two other sons used, which I was able to preserve well.  A few months ago, I was able to buy a pre-loved baby crib from a friend online.  It's in a very good condition, but a month and a half after that, we were gifted with a new one.  So I'm re-selling it by the way for an irresistable price! (Any takers loves?!)
I'm re-selling this crib loves, please let me know if interested! :)  It's still in very good condition, otherwise, I wouldn't have purchased it myself! :)  Price is irresistible I promise!
Sharing with you my baby shopping loot on that one fine day:
6 pieces tie-side shirts
6 Pyjamas
New mittens and bonnets, socks and booties previously used by my sons
Lampin/Gauze Cloth Diaper, Receiving Blankets, and Hooded Towel (not in photo)
Going-out clothes (Inherited from Dandre and Wes)
Initial baby gifts from a friend, breast milk storage, Saya, Malunggay Capsules, and more!
Not in photos are starter new born diapers, cloth diapers, hypo-allergenic bath essentials for the baby.  I'm sure as my full-term phase comes nearer, family and friends would send me and my baby some love by gifting us with baby stuff.  So for now, these items are enough.  We didn't buy too many because from experience with my first two children, the baby will grow up really fast.  I don't mind inheriting baby clothes in still very good condition. :)  If you would notice, I didn't purchase feeding bottles because I plan to breastfeed my baby.  

That's my pregnancy update and I'll be posting soon about what I will be packing in my hospital bag.  This list I wrote a few years ago, will come very handy for sure!  Until then loves! :)  Please pray for me and my baby! :)

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  1. Istin Dizon PaignaMay 14, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Praying for your safe delivery soon Mommy Louise! :)


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