What I Like Most (and Least) About My Pregnancy

Currently, I'm 38-39 weeks on the way.  I've been on bed rest since March, when my baby's still six months old because of my op...

Currently, I'm 38-39 weeks on the way.  I've been on bed rest since March, when my baby's still six months old because of my opened cervix.  Yes opened, because now, it's closed!  I couldn't believe it!  When  he still couldn't come out, my cervix is open.  Now we're expecting him to come out anytime soon, he still wants to linger inside my preggy, warm belly.  It's a bit frustrating but we all know he's going to come out eventually anyway, so all we have to do is wait and pray for a normal and safe delivery.  Please pray for me too ha?

The waiting time has been a good time for me to finish school preparations for my two older boys, one in high school and another in preschool, both entering as new students in their new school.  I'm happy their both in the same school now.  Well, at least I'm not rushing anymore with the newborn baby preps.  My hospital bag packing is halfway done as well as my baby hospital bag.

Few more ultrasounds, check-ups and pre-natal meds, I'm sure to pop in a few days, in a week or two.  Seriously, I'm excited and I really can't wait.  But since I have, we all have to wait, this also gave me time to look back at my pregnancy journey and assess what I like most and least like about my third pregnancy.

Here it goes.

  • Courtesy Lane - I used and abused this privilege, who wouldn't?  Imagine you walk past the queue in banks, supermarkets, fast food restaurants and sometimes even some retail shops.  You only get pregnant once in a blue moon, so might as well take advantage of this. 
  • Smiles of amusement even from strangers - When you're preggy, suddenly people are nicer and sweeter to you.  I always receive smiles even from strangers, especially from older moms or titas or lolas.
  • Special treatment (patience, more understanding, more caring, more thoughtful) and more loving) from husband - Of course, I'm bearing his child!  Dapat lang mas mabait, understanding, patient and super good boy siya sa akin.  I'm happy that my husband has been really stretched during my preggy months.  Hopefully it has formed a habit.
  • Maternity/Nursing clothes shopping - When I wasn't pregnant, I used to look at maternity/nursing clothes and tell myself, I'll have this and that when I get pregnant.  Now, most of the clothes I liked most, I was able to buy.  But super selected pieces only, those that I know I could still use even after giving birth.
  • SSS and Company Maternity Benefits - If you're working, better advise your HR about your pregnancy as early as you can so they may file for your SSS maternity benefits to receive your monetary SSS maternity benefit, company financial credits, Philhealth discount, and baby kits (if the company provides).  If you're not employed but still pay voluntary contribution, you may still get your SSS maternity benefit.  You may check online or go to an SSS office to compute how much you will be getting.
  • Baby stuff shopping - Addicted to it, cuteness overload.  From clothes, accessories, to baby gears.  Nuff said.
  • Maternity Leave - How much I wished that the 100 days maternity leave be granted before I avail mine.  But no, I still only have 60 days maternity leave.
  • First-time to hear baby’s healthy heartbeat - Nothing beats the feeling of hearing the heartbeat of your unborn child for the first time.  
  • Baby movements - The first small kicks were felt during my baby's 5th month and of course the kick got stronger and more forceful in the following months.
  • 3D Ultrasound photos - I just couln't express how more excited we became to finally see our baby boy #3 after seeing the cute 3D photos of him!
  • Baby Shower - It's an awesome feeling to be showered with love by family and friends and for them to surprise me to welcome the baby! :)
  • Maternity Photo Session - It was my first time to expose my preggy belly in a photo shoot.  I've always wanted a maternity photo session and my husband gifted it to me when my belly was at around 34-35 weeks on the way.  I'm extremely happy about the results.
  • Lesser (and zero while bedresting) sex life - Well, no need to elaborate. :)
  • Body pain or discomfort (back, leg cramps, heartburn, nausea) - You know the drill.  Right now because of change in the center of my body's gravity, my left lower back is aching like hell.
  • Bed Rest due to challenged cervix - Been working from home since March.  Imagine that.
  • Gestational Diabetes Blood Test - I never liked blood tests which requires fasting, more so the concentrated orange drink they make you take to test for gestational diabetes.
  • Injections (Steroid and Anti-Tetanus) - Because of pre-term labor signs, I needed to be injected with steroids during my seventh month both on my butt cheeks.  It was too painful I almost passed out seriously.
  • Limited activities and travels - I've missed our supposed Palawan family trip last February, a number of blog events and workshops worth going to and declined hotel staycation invites as well.
  • People having the urge to touch my tummy and actually doing it - Who would want to be touched by someone not in your immediate family circle really?  
  • Insensitive people calling me fatter or darker or really big - Believe me, there are still this kind of people.  I even wrote on the blog about how to talk to pregnant women.
  • Diet - I cannot just eat anything I want, especially during my last stretch of pregnancy for fear of making my baby bigger and making it harder for me to push him out when the time comes.  I have to make this sacrifice to avoid C-Section.  I've delivered my two older sons through normal procedure (at 9.2 and 7.8 lbs respectively)
  • Anticipating - Since I had a challenged cervix since baby was 6 months on the way, husband and I were expecting that on my 36th month, baby could already be safe to come out.  Apparently, my cervix closed and the walls thickened.  Too much bedresting I guess?
  • Expenses - Additional expenses will always be part of pregnancy for sure.  They say nga babies come with a price always.
You see, my pregnancy favorite things outweigh the least liked ones.  Our baby is a blessing and I wouldn't wish to turn back time to not having this bun in my extra large oven.  We've prayed for this baby and we are extremely blessed to be gifted with another healthy one.  For things that I wasn't able to do during my pregnancy, it's temporary and I really didn't mind.  My and baby's safety should always be prioritized.  It's just 9 months after all right?  Nevertheless, I still love the feeling of being pregnant and actually realizing how blessed I am to still become a mother to God's child, the third time around.  

May I just have a request?  As we all wait for the arrival of this newest bundle of joy in our family, could you please pray for a normal and safe delivery for me?  Thank you.  

~How about you mommies?  What were your favorite and least favorite things about pregnancy?  Do we share the same list?~

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  1. Prayers sent Louise. May you and your baby work hand on hand together on that special day. Take care and God bless you and your family.

  2. Hi Ms. Louise!

    I'm so excited for your 3rd child. I've been following your post especially when you announced that you're carrying with you another angel to be loved.
    I will soon be mom too, carrying our first child after almost 4 years of making and waiting :-). And like you, there are things I enjoyed least and most during this stage.
    The least ones is to receive unsolicited and insensitive remarks and advise from moms themselves especially when they would insist that you shouldn't eat this and that, don't wear this and that and so on... when in fact, my OB would tell me these were okay. SOME moms just love to inject negative vibes on you and I just hate it.. (I now understand that preggy moms are extra sensitive and would love to hear just comforting and positive words)
    The most that I enjoyed in this journey however, is being able to receive extra love and attention from my beloved. It's just priceless when he would kiss me and my growing belly good night/morning.
    Well, I'm praying that you'll have safe delivery and a healthy baby to come out soon.
    God bless you and your family!


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