My DIY Baptismal Party Decors

Our dearest baby Damien already received the sacrament of baptism last weekend at the Pilgrim Chapel of the National Shrine of Our Lady of M...

Our dearest baby Damien already received the sacrament of baptism last weekend at the Pilgrim Chapel of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish in New Manila Quezon City.

As always, I'm very passionate in organizing, preparing, and decorating personal events such as this.  My DIY goddess crown appears from nowhere and I wore it once again for this special occasion.  I'm far from being a Martha Stewart apprentice, I just enjoy making things from scratch and getting inspirations from Pinterest.  

With that said, I had a few DIY projects for my son's baptism.  Let me share them with you.

For non-graphic designer like me, is your bestest friend when it comes to designing invitations, social media graphics, posters, banners, etc.  You could find free designs and just personalize it or buy graphics available on sale for use.

My son's baptismal party theme or motiff consists of Powder/Baby/Pastel Blue, Teddy Bear, and Moroccan tile pattern.  I got a few inspirations from Pinterest which resulted to these designs:
I had extra lace tapes with me which I used for my Rustic Themed Wedding last year.  As a practical mom, I don't want wastage, so I used these laces to wrap around the plain glass candle holders so they won't look too plain.
I scouted for dessert table stylist, just to check their rates and the inclusions of their services.  Personally, it's a bit pricey because I know that I have an artistic touch and I could do it myself.  So I with bravery, confidence and of course inspiration from Pinterest, I was able to execute a cute dessert table using a themed cake (gifted by Damien's ninang) with themed cupcakes, themed sugar cookies, and repacked chocolate chip cookies.
Making use of Wes' favorite Teddy Bear, a large framed photo of baby Damien, and crocheted table mats, I was able to put this cute gift table decor or vignette together.  See the themed gifts?  Those are my game prizes which I wrapped with Japanese Paper, cut out blue teddy bears, and Moroccan pattern strips.
Instead of ordering balloons or hiring a stylist for the table centerpieces, I made the centerpieces myself from scratch.  I printed a few photos of Baby Damien, gathered unused glasses and bottles at home to upcycle them, used mom's small standees, and mom's crocheted mats.  I made the pinwheels myself too with the use of bond paper (but craft, scrapbook paper or construction papers are better), thumb tacks, and straws.  The centerpiece is very personalized and has homey feels.
I cut out teddy bears, cut in strips the photocopied Moroccan pattern design, and wrapped it around the upcycled bottles to go with the theme of the baptismal party.
So there's another passion project, my son's DIY Baptismal Party Decors.  It saved a lot by doing these decors myself.  My tip is instead of hiring a stylist or a supplier, if you have even little creativity and love for making things, then just DIY it.  It's fun plus it makes your personal event really special.  :)

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  1. i so love the DIY project. I also organized my childrens party by's my first time to check your blog. I am eden, you may follow my new blog: and may give me tips. Please. and thank you!!!


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