2019 My Year In Review

Hello Loves!  Here's my very first blog entry for the year 2020.  It's a bit late compared to how I used to write my first entry of ...

Hello Loves!  Here's my very first blog entry for the year 2020.  It's a bit late compared to how I used to write my first entry of the year in the previous years though.  Medyo admittedly, I took slowing down a bit more seriously more than I should.  In short, ang tamad ko after the holiday break.  And. It. Is. Not. A. Good. Sign.


My 2019 had been a year of both ups and downs in my health, blog, and life in general.  I couldn't say it's been good o bad to me.  All I know is God has been faithful through last year and had been providing me and my family more than enough even though I don't bring as much bacon to the family's table as much as I did when I was still working.  So much have changed (this I will reserve for another blog post!), but it's all good.  I didn't feel the change that much because God's been so good to us, in good and bad times.  I pray that you also experience the same love, grace, and goodness of God just like how He manifested Himself to me.

So here's a quick review of my 2019's roller-coaster ride:

I finally decided to go short!  I've never went long again!  It was liberating and practical too because tipid na sa shampoo and conditioner.  But more than the economical reasons, I wanted to feel better about how I look.  My long locks weren't as healthy as it used to be before, so to cut the damaged fringes, I went short right away!  No turning back, at least for now.  I was so happy about my salon experience which I wrote about HERE
I was surprised when the segment producer of DZMM Teleradyo called asking me to guest in their show.  I feel honored to be able to share my thoughts about being a mom. 
Duing the first week of February, my family and I took a 4-day trip to Baguio (which I haven't written about in my blog!) and it was definitely a family trip which I still remember so vividly.  This was one of the best highlights of my 2019 because it was spent with my whole family.  I promise to share experiences like budget, where to go, where to stay, where to eat, and many more! 
Damien at 2.5 yo had his first-ever class with Ready Steady Go Kids.  This was indeed a milestone worth documenting.  Looking at this photo alone and how he looks like right now beside me, I realize how time really flies so fast!  It's been less than a year as of writing but Damien has grown taller and doesn't look like a baby anymore like how I see him in this photo.  I wrote about this experience HERE
I was pleasantly surprised with this news that Gushcloud came up with an article on Mommy Bloggers which included me.  I'm humbled by their recognition and promised myself that I will write better and more consistently all for God's glory.  It's such an honor to be recognized with other mom bloggers I highly respect such as Mommy Pehpot, Mommy Levy, Sheena Gonzalez, and Ginger Arboleda.  Thank you Gushcloud PH for this.
That same month, Baby Dove came up with their Mother's Day campaign featuring #RealMoms and I couldn't be any real than how I am when I'm around my kids. I'm happy to be part of this campaign for the 4th time!  I'm also very pleased with the photos that Little Heartbeat Photography took of us.  Wrote about them HERE
During this month, I availed of Adajar Dental Clinic's Laser Teeth Whitening Promo influenced by my good friend Jaya Gacia.  I also haven't written about my experience, but this post served as a reminder for me! :)  Look at my photo, it seemed like an alien's mini UFO is sucking something out of my system diba?
It was my second National Book Store campaign, last year was about Back-To-School.  I had my face published on Philippine Star apart from their FB video production where I was seen with Lani shopping for back-to-school items.  It was a fun shoot and campaign and another item on my bucket list had been checked - be featured on a newspaper!  View the National Book Store Back-To-School video HERE.
This was a moment of celebration for our family as Damien turned three years old!  We used our Fun Ranch GC for an intimate celebration with family and super close friends.  I haven't written about it too but thanks to this post, I am prompted to share many stories about our party experience at Fun Ranch.  
I was also made one of the mombassados for Downy's newest innovation in fabric conditioner, Downy Konta Kulob!  This meant a lot to me since I am a Downy user for years! :) 
I wrote about my experience HERE
August is breastfeeding month.  I've been breastfeeding my youngest since he was born up to this time of writing, 3 years and 6 months exclusively!  I'm happy to be part of AVENT's Breastfeeding Month Celebration campaign and had a photoshoot with other mom bloggers and friends.
This was also the time when #BringMeMoms was institutionalized (Whoa, word!) during Mommy Mundo's Mommy Mundo World.  We set up a booth and also presented our group on stage.  It's a group formed among us friends which of course started with a game called BRING ME in one of the parties we all participated.  Follow us on Instagram
I also got another recognition as a blogger when Feedspot.com included me in their 2019 Best Philippines Parenting Blogs on the Planet being #3 on their list.  It's a simple reminder for me to keep on writing even if there are many times that I am discouraged to do so with so much going on in the digital (aka IG) scene.  That's why I am grateful for this recognition.  Link to their article HERE
This month was a month of extreme highs and extreme lows of my 2019.  I started with an invitation to guest in DZBB's Tatak Nanay show hosted by Lala Roque.  
It went downhill when two of my kids had to be hospitalized.  The youngest was an emergency case and was due to seizure caused by high fever because of pneumonia.
While the other one was a scheduled operation.  This operation was God's revelation to us that nothing is impossible with HIM.  I cried buckets of tears when God showed His faithfulness when He said He is in control and that He will provide.  My son's HMO primarily said they will only cover Php10K worth.  I prayed hard and well and asked God to take care of this and help me find funds to complete the Php150K plus we need for his operation.  His response was quick, the Maxicare officer who told me of the coverage called right away and said she escalated my son's case to the doctors and gave us a GO that they will cover his operation 100%.  I asked many doctors who gave my son's medical clearance and said, it's rare that they cover cases such as my son's.  This is GOD's work and nothing else. 

This is one of my Christian life's breakthroughs and personal experience of God's greatness and love.  For anything no matter how big, worry not.  Just keep on praying and trusting in Him to do wonders and miracles, even if we don't deserve it. 

By the way, my eldest celebrated his 16th birthday in the hospital because his two brothers were hospitalized within the same week, one after the other, on his birthday week as well.  But even if we didn't have a grand celebration, what mattered was we were complete and the love for each other was deeply felt.
Before the month ended, maybe God said, you've been too tired my daughter, you need a getaway.  I was invited by Jaya to join her to SnailWhite Gold's Getaway to The Farm at San Benito.  I readily said yes because I haven't been there and I don't think I would be going there anytime soon with the family.  My husband obliged to this whole day momcation with these awesome ladies in the photo.  I also haven't written about this, but I sure will do in the coming days (of 2020!).  Thank you SnailWhite for this oppotunity!
Damien and I had another Baby Dove campaign photoshoot still with the talented Little Heartbeat Photography.  The photos, of course, were all beautiful and our photographer Ron captured so much love going on between me and Damien in all the candid and even awkward moments.  Thanks again Baby Dove for including us in this campaign!
Downy came up with their own detergent line and I was again selected to be one of their brand ambassadors.  I was joined by other moms in my Mommy Practicality Community.  Read about my review HERE.  I invite you to join my community for exclusive contests, promos, and content creation opportunities as well.  It's a support group for moms who need advice and want to know some hacks about the jungle called motherhood.  Thank you once again Downy for the trust!

Well, I slowed down a bit on my birthday month and yes I turned 41 last year!  It was a simple celebration with the loves of my life, my husband and kids.  I got what I simply wished for, my favorite cake, the company of my most favorite people, a relaxing staycation, and good health!  I will also be sharing about this soon on the blog! :)

Last but not least, December.  December was the last hurrah of the year for my bloggy life and it ended with a blast!  The first ever Mommy Practicality Mommy Meetup finally happened last December 5 sponsored by Pampers PH and Fun Ranch Ortigas.  I am grateful to God and my sponsors for letting this blog milestone happen.  It was a huge success thanks to the support of my mommy community, my mom bloger/vlogger/influencer friends, my generous sponsors, and my family most importantly.  I promise that moving forward, everything I do for the blog, I do for God's glory and not mine.  May God continue to bless my blog for more opportunities, writing gigs, projects, and campaigns so I may share my blessings to others and make me write and share experiences all glorifying Him and fulfilling His purpose for me.
2019, was a combination of highs and lows.  It's been a good year for me personally and for my blog too.  I've met many people who have become friends.  I've also developed a more intimate relationship with God.  I've had a number of opportunities through projects and jobs that brought food on our table and blessed other people.

May 2020 be a great year too!  Like what I tell many friends I talk to, in this cynical and stressful online world, you can't help compare yourself sometimes with others' achievements.  Don't.

They may be on page 100 and you're on page 25, but remember, before they got to where they are, they also were on you page.  We have different seasons in life, what works for some doesn't always mean it will work for us.  Sure one may have more projects than you do, but God is the lone provider of many many things.  He will give us what we deserve and most of the time, He gives us even if we don't deserve them.  So let's count our blessings more than what we see in others that we don't.

Let's all practice kindness, contentment, patience, and intimacy with God who is the giver of many things.  Happy 2020 to all and I pray that you'll also have an abundant year!  God bless!

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