100 Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

I've been on and off social media these days which isn't the case for some moms I know. Why? Maybe because they think there's no...

I've been on and off social media these days which isn't the case for some moms I know. Why? Maybe because they think there's nothing else better to do.


Being on enhanced community quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic could really make anyone get bored easily.  If I still am an office kind of working mom, I would definitely feel the same way!  It's different when you're used to going out every day for work compared to someone (like me or most work at home moms and stay at home moms) who sees community quarantine quite similar to her daily life (except the freedom of going out anytime).

I've read so many rants or funny comments from moms not knowing what to do for the rest of the quarantine days.  That's why I came up with a list of 100 things you could do during this period.  You may be doing some already, but feel free to read the other things on the list in case you come to a point when you don't know what to do next. 

Here it goes:

  1. Start a daily devotion.  I use Simple Joys App (free download on Play Store or App Store).
  2. Set a weekly family meeting to ask how they are doing.  Ask the kids what they understand about what's happening to our country and the whole world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is a teaching moment for parents.
  3. Write in your journal daily. 
  4. Start an "Answered Prayers" notebook to teach you to be more grateful each day.
  5. Start a blog or a vlog sharing what you're passionate about.
  6. Read blogs or watch vlogs that inspire you and bring value to your life.  
  7. Finish that scrapbook you started 5 (or more) years ago.
  8. Organize your family or children's photos on your phone, desktop computer, cloud storage, CDs.  
  9. Layout these photos for a nice photo book or print them on large canvass materials (Photobook PH has these!) the printing you may do after the quarantine.
  10. Organize your personal files on your laptop or desktop computer.  Want to purge files?  This is the best time.
  11. Do some art projects you've been dying to do but have no time such as but not limited to macrame, cross-stitch, painting, and crochet.
  12. Read books or finish books you've longed to finish.
  13. Cover your books with the leftover plastic covers from last year.
  14. Manicure/Pedicure at home.
  15. Foot scrub/foot spa yourself.
  16. Teach everyone at home how to wash hands properly and thoroughly.
  17. Create a Spotify Playlist of all your favorite songs (songs from teenage years, songs that uplift you, Praise and Worship songs)
  18. Netflix and chill - I started watching K-dramas/Series and I never went back.  Current loves: Crash Landing On you, Kingdom, Something In The Rain, and Itaewon Class.  Also watch Money Heist, Elite, and other Netflix original movies. :)
  19. Edit the travel or milestone videos on your phone or computer.  I use InShot for Android phones.
  20. Download educational and entertaining apps for your kids' tablets.  Check each app your child uses and discern if you should uninstall or retain on the gadget.
  21. Defrost and clean your refrigerator.
  22. Take out all the dinnerwares from your dish drainer and clean it as well.
  23. Use those nice plates, and utensils you've kept for special occasions. They are not to be kept anyway.  Life is too short to reserve beautiful things for tomorrow.  
  24. Remove the hiding accumulated dirt in your washing machine.  You have to check in between the silicones/rubbers to see the dirt.  Remove and disinfect as well.
  25. Konmari your closet.
  26. Organize your closet apart from folding your clothes nicely.  Segregate to keep, to give away/donate or for selling.
  27. Organize your husband's and kids' closets and rooms too.
  28. Revisit your makeup and skincare products' expiration dates and throw the expired.  If you have too much, give it away or use them.
  29. Practice putting on make up especially your eyebrows, kilay is life!
  30. Start a nightly skincare routine if you have none.  If you do, start using the face masks you got as gifts last Christmas.
  31. Satisfy that #PlantTita spirit in you.  Start caring for existing plants at home.  Talk to them, water them, make sure they are given enough sunlight exposure.
  32. Grow a sustainable garden.  Easy to plant and grow are: Eggplants, Okra and Saluyot.  You may also try ginger, tomatoes, kangkong, malunggay, and ampalaya.
  33. Rewrite your mom's or grandmother's recipes.
  34. Revisit your family's financial budget or plans and see if you're on track or deficit.
  35. Start populating an expense sheet and a budget tracker.
  36. Discuss financial planning with your husband.
  37. List down accounts receivables and schedule of remittance or payment.
  38. Hang your small children's artworks on a dedicated wall mural.
  39. Re-arrange your living area or dining area.  This is applicable to your bedroom and kitchen too.
  40. Create a TikTok account and start filming funny videos you, your family and friends could laugh about to take your minds off the pandemic.
  41. Share your TikTok funny videos on social media. 
  42. Redecorate your room.
  43. Redecorate your children's room
  44. Call your parents and siblings and ask how their families are doing.
  45. Reconnect with old friends.
  46. Make new ones.
  47. Make amends to those whom you may have hurt in the past.
  48. Forgive those who had hurt you even if they didn't ask for it.  You're setting yourself free.
  49. Write your husband a love letter.  Rekindle your beautiful love story together.
  50. Start a home workout to keep fit, try yoga, weight lifting, and cardio routines.
  51. Spread COVID-19 news and words of encouragement.  Please validate and make sure it's not fake news or something that would spread fear, anxiety, and worries.
  52. Donate to our frontliners (hospital workers, military and policemen) and the homeless through different and legitimate organizations.  One is Brand Buzz PH.
  53. Share on your social media accounts donation or fundraising drives organized by different communities, groups, establishments, companies, etc.
  54. Sanitize your house especially frequently held/touched surfaces like doorknobs, staircase railing, switches, ref handle, etc.  I used UV Care, alcohol, bleach, and sanitizer.
  55. Change your bedsheets and pillowcases.
  56. Change curtains in all rooms.
  57. Try baking easy recipes.  You may use your oven toaster or turbo if you don't have an oven.
  58. Get some morning sun with the kids, just step out of the house.  This does not necessarily mean you have to go out in your neighborhood.  
  59. Prepare your family's Emergency GO Bags in case you haven't done this.
  60. Charge all existing powerbanks in the house and all other rechargeable small appliances.  You'll never know when you'll need them.
  61. Advance your weekly menu-planning.
  62. Cook your husband's and children's favorite meal.
  63. Teach your kids how to cook.  Pancakes for little ones and easy viand recipes for older kids.
  64. Start using your expensive planner/s (you redeemed for buying all those cups of coffee!).  Sell or give away your extra planners.
  65. Calendar all your billing due dates (teleco, electricity, water, internet, insurance, health cards, memorial plans, etc
  66. Teach your children some physical games you used to play as a child (that most probably they have no idea how to play it today) such as piko, patintero, tumbang preso, pitik-bulag, luksong-tinik, Chinese garter, chinese jackstones, etc.)
  67. Teach boardgames and also card games to your child (Snakes and Ladders, Connect 4, Sungka, Memory Game, Pekwa, Ungguy-Ungguyan, and many more).
  68. Learn your kids' games too and even lingos (have you heard of Roblox, Minecraft, Subway Surfer, Uno, etc.?).
  69. File your kids' artworks and put their age or date they were made.  Putting them on a clear book is a nice idea.
  70. Teach your kids some easy household chores appropriate for their age.  My toddler could throw trash in the garbage and pack away his toys.  My school-aged son can wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and help me with laundry.  My eldest is the official dishwasher, clothes folder, can do the laundry, tidy up his rooms, and run errands for me.
  71. Do arts and crafts with the kiddos. There are many free printouts you could find on the internet.
  72. Polish your wooden floor and furniture.  This can also be considered a workout for us moms!
  73. Polish your jewels.  I use and highly recommend Kurin Water.  
  74. Revisit all your PIN numbers/codes of your different accounts.  You may be forgetting some or some of your accounts may be compromised, so for security, change your PIN codes or at least try to remember them.
  75. Revisit all the policies you've bought.  Take note of documents needed for claims, write down due dates, list down policy summary, etc.
  76. List down important details about yourself and all the important assets you have, should anything happen to you in the future.
  77. Wash your make-up brushes and tools.
  78. Clean all your bags.
  79. Wash or polish all your shoes.
  80. Stitch your children's names on their handkerchiefs or towels.
  81. Support a friend's business or blog or vlog by visiting and liking their websites or pages.  
  82. Take your support a notch higher by purchasing their goods or hiring them for their services.
  83. Take your support another step higher by promoting them to your other networks too.
  84. Write your own dreams.  It's never too late to dream big and make it happen.  That's what I learned from Robert Kiyosaki.
  85. Update your resume or Linked In profile/info.  
  86. If you're a blogger/content creator like me, create a media kit.  A media kit contains information about yourself, your brand/blog, your stats, past projects and brand partners, awards, recognitions, and features.  
  87. You could also create a rate card.  For all design needs, I use Canva.
  88. Enroll in an online course or join an online activity or webinar on topics that interest you.
  89. Plot your loved ones' and friends' birthdays on calendar.
  90. Create signage at home as visual reminders on the following: Sanitation, Conserving Water, Garbage Segregation, Kids' things to do, etc.
  91. Answer fun surveys on IG and share them on your stories.
  92. Watch and support live concerts or shows online.
  93. If you have talent in singing or playing an instrument, why not perform live too?
  94. While you're at it, you could start your own fundraising event online as well.
  95. Get a complete 8-hour sleep.
  96. Listen to Praise and Worship songs, especially when you feel sad, worried, anxious, uncertain, or confused.
  97. Read the Bible and get to know more about Jesus.
  98. Memorize some biblical verses.
  99. Share inspirational verses to loved ones and friends.
  100. PRAY.
These are just some of the things you could do at home while we're all being quarantined.  Who says staying at home is boring?  Just look around and see how many things (and even people) need your valuable attention.  This quarantine time is a reset, a reminder to slow down, a time to build and also strengthen relationships, a time to reflect on what truly is important in your lives.  Use this precious time intentionally and mindfully.

May this list help you not get bored and inspire you to stay home, roll up your sleeves, and get busy.

Stay home.  Stay Safe.  Save Lives.

God bless everyone!

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  1. Thanks for this..i am.done doing some of these ..and currently im joining a lot of cash giveaway to be atleast a help to my husband for providing our needs esp. for our children. Its been a tough 10 days so far..sana maging okay na soon 🙏at maging normal na ulit buhay natin

  2. we're all praying it will be over soon. Ingat kayo.


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