How To Stay Positive While In Quarantine

Kamusta mga mommies?  What are you feeling right now?  Bored?  Worried?  Anxious?  Sad?  Confused?  Fearful?  Depressed?  Desperate? Whate...

Kamusta mga mommies?  What are you feeling right now?  Bored?  Worried?  Anxious?  Sad?  Confused?  Fearful?  Depressed?  Desperate?

Whatever you are feeling right now, let me assure you that all of your feelings are valid.  It's okay not to be okay.  We are human, we have feelings and we can be weak.  Take time to relax and recognize all your feelings, accept it, and feel it.  But tell yourself that you need to do something about it.


With the global pandemic and extended enhance community quarantine we have all been either struggling or easing our ways to adapt to the new normal.  Not everyone welcomes this with open arms especially those who are on "No Work. No Pay" status.  It's a difficult time.  This is why we need to really try our best to stay positive during the quarantine period.


They say, what we feel, think, affects how our body’s immune system.  Just like food is to the stomach, our thoughts and feelings are to the mind and heart.  You become what you eat, what you think, what you feel.  Feed it well, you’ll be well.  Feed it negatively, you get sick and that's the last thing we want these days right?  Ayaw natin magkasakit.

From the individual recovery sessions I attended in the past, I learned that out of everything that’s happening around us, 90% are uncontrollable (such as Covid-19 outbreak, loss of projects or jobs,  accidents, and even how other people relate to you or treat you).  You can only control 10% of your life which is basically the following:

  • How you accept and feel about people and things.
  • How you respond to what’s happening around you.

Given this, I believe that you are the master of your thoughts and emotions.  You have the power to succeed or fail, the power to be joyful or grumble, the power to be content or complain, and the power to feel at peace or worry.

Here are some proven and tested things you could do to stay positive during the quarantine

Choose healthy food to nourish yourself and help boost immune systems.  This also is applicable to the news and articles you read on your Facebook or IG or Twitter feed.  Learn how to FILTER what you absorb your minds and hearts.  Usually, these don’t help in keeping you calm or stay positive.  You may check in every now and then, but try not to overthink or over-analyze because you’ll only panic, worry, and be anxious.  Feed yourself with positive and inspiring content that will either make you laugh, inspire you to do good things or be busy, and move you care for yourself and your loved ones more.  It helps also if you have something daily to read such a devotion book or app.  I use YouVersion Bible App.

Write down all things you are thankful for.  This ECQ made spending more time with our families possible and it’s healing our mother earth from all the pollution we give her.  More than what you wish you have, think about everything that you have right now and write them all down.  Write down what you’re thankful for each day.  Start and end your day with a grateful heart by creating this habit.

To keep your minds from wandering and getting too affected due to the number of rising positive COVID-19 cases in ou country and even globally or to simply kill boredom, look for things to do in the house.  This extended ECQ brought anxieties to many, that's why it's important to keep yourselves busy.  Apart from usual chores, you could do activities with kids, finish the scrapbook you started 5 years ago, make a new skincare routine, master the art of lining your eyebrows (because kilay is life!), learn something new, organize your closet, or you can binge watch KDramas.  Do something you love or at least something that interests you.  I’ve written about 100 Things To Do At Home during quarantine.  Check it out.

I had the opportunity to volunteer to cook for our frontliners through BrandbuzzPH
If you can and able or if you have extra funds or savings, support and help fundraising causes organized by different private sectors.  One example is Brandbuzz Helps.  it's a community of mommy bloggers and social media influencers headed by Gie Ramos, that pools funds and even donations in kinds from individual or group donors and brands, to support as many frontliners as it can.  I donated and also volunteered to cook breakfast for ou frontliners through this wonderful community.  It really felt good and fulfilling to be able to help others.  Science says, doing acts of kindness such as helping others in any way you can, produces Oxytocin.  It is also called the love hormone that helps lower blood pressure and improves heart-health.  Helping others also increases self-esteem and optimism, which are all extra helpful in managing anxiety.

Cast your burdens and worries to our waymaker, miracle worker, promise-keeper and our light in the darkness - our God Almighty!  Let’s recognize that God is in control and that He alone can heal and stop this pandemic.  Sharing with you my favorite Bible verses that comfort me in time of worry.  In Matthew 21: 22 it says “You can pray for anything, and if you have faith, you will receive it.”  Lastly, He said, “Fear not, I am with you, I am your GOD.  I will strengthen you, and help you, I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” Isaiah 41:10. 
This ECQ has made me realize a lot of things such as what is really important in my life.  That not wealth (which I don't really have), fame (I also don't have), success, achievement, position or profession, and connections could save me should I be infected with the virus.  I will not call upon anything and anyone to protect me and my family or to heal me - but God's name alone.  I will only call upon the Lord to take my wheel and steer it according to His will.

We are not really sure when this will all end.  Not unless a proven and tested vaccine or medicine will be available to everyone globally that we could attain peace of mind that we could all be safe to go back to the "normal" we were used to.  But for now, let's do all we can to abide by our laws.  Let's stay home and pray for our government to make the right decisions for our country.  While our ECQ has been extended and I believe will still be extended until end of the year, let's do our best to stay positive as we all stay home.

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  1. This is so true. We need to continue trusting God and hold on to his promise that He will neither leave us nor forsake us. These pandemic and ECQ are causing so much trouble and worries, but let us always remember that God is bigger than these problems at matatapos din lahat ng ito in His perfect time.

  2. Amen sister! Let's always trust that He alone can end all this. :)


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