Awesome Discoveries During Lock Out

Staying home is the new normal for everyone.  Are you loving it?  Or you still miss the old normal when you could go out freely just about a...

Staying home is the new normal for everyone.  Are you loving it?  Or you still miss the old normal when you could go out freely just about anytime without wearing masks nor face shields?  I’m in between.  I am loving it because it’s practically saving me money from unnecessary expenses when I’m out of the house.  Plus, I get to stay with my children as I do my work at home.  Next, I don’t need to hurry and always dress to impress others.  If I do dress up and put make up on, I do it for myself and for my husband.

I’ve also had some brand or item discoveries that could help our lives become more convenient, improve my skills, and even sparked some ideas as I stay home more than ever in my entire working life.  Let me share them to you.

  • Korean TV Series – I can’t believe I didn’t start binging on Korean TV series earlier!  Glad staying at home kind of forced me to sit down, relax and Netflix more.  Because of this, I developed my love for Korean series!  So far, I’ve watched more than 20 and my top 5 would be: Crash Landing On You, Descendants Of The Sun, Start Up, Something In The Rain, Itaewon Class, The Goblin/Guardian, Oh My Venus, Fight For My Way, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and While You Were Sleeping.

  • Drone – Because of watching too many series on Netflix, I began to notice the cinematography of each episode or movies.  I used to wonder how those long or top aerial shots are done so seamlessly that makes you want to fly with it.  When I watched some documentaries, I discovered there are many types of drones.  I also saw many vloggers use this such as Wil Devaugn and Erwan Heusaff in their videos.

  • Cleaning and Santizing Technologies – There are many technologies and even services that are available in the market and here is my top list.  First, the UV Care Robot Cleaner that saves you a lot of time and energy making sure the floor is neat!  The SleekEZ, it’s originally a horse (or large pets) grooming brush which may also be used to grooming tool removes shedding hair, dirt, and dander not only from pets but also from furniture, pet bedding, saddle pads, autos and carpeting.

  • How Dad Courted Mom – Oh yes, this makes it to my awesome list of discoveries!  My mom passed away six years ago.  But whenever my dad would talk about her, it’s as if she just had a vacation somewhere and hasn’t come back from that trip.  My dad revealed how he crossed regions without any travel experience just to ask my mom for marriage.  He also shared how they planned, should mom still be alive and we’re all off to living our own lives, to consider living in a quality nursing home for seniors such as here:  For practicality’s purposes and so that they will be taken care of professionally and also meet new friends their age, that’s why they gave this a thought.  But since he’s by himself and I take care of him, he dismissed this thought.  Besides, I don’t think there’s any facility as good as Spectrum Health Care here in our country.


So these are my lock-out discoveries and I am so glad I discovered them.  How about you?  Care to share any?

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