Tools Every Blogger or Start Ups Should Have

I 've been blogging since 2012.  That means I'm celebrating my 9th year this July.  One of the things I’m asked about is, “What’s yo...

I've been blogging since 2012.  That means I'm celebrating my 9th year this July.  One of the things I’m asked about is, “What’s your secret for staying strong in the blogging world?”  My answer will remain the same from the time I was starting to this date – Perseverance and Passion coupled with the right tools you’ll need to thrive.

True, there were a lot of bloggers or social media personas that come and go for many reasons.  Here are some:

They couldn’t keep up with the industry’s demands

They got tired and demotivated

They found no more reason to continue.

They don’t have the right tools to succeed.

First three reasons are more psychological and emotional in nature.  The only person who could turn things around for her is herself.  But for the last reason, I can share what worked for me to succeed and still be around for almost a decade.

Tools that Bloggers or Start Ups Need


  • Passion – It all begins here.  Whether business or blogging, ask yourself, “Why are you doing what you’re doing?”  If you know the answer to this question, you will most likely stick around.  And passion is the driving force for a person to persevere in whatever he or she puts her heart and mind into.  How do you know if you’re passionate about something?  When you can’t stop thinking about it or when you are extremely happy doing something even for free.  I feel that way for blogging and also with my startup PR/Marketing consultancy gigs.  I feel so alive when I accomplish even the most trivial things related to my passion.
  • Skills – Of course you have to supplement the passion with the skills you need for blogging or starting a business.  Passion can’t be ignited optimally if the skills are lacking.  You may not have the best skills, but you can always improve it.  Always face the day with a can-do attitude and always be goal-oriented.
  • Dependable Computer or Laptop – I couldn’t stress how important having a reliable computer or laptop to help your passion and skills come together.  Don’t settle for less, always look for the best desktop computer for business use or for blogging or social media work.  Always think of long-term.  Invest on this gadget or equipment which as a blogger or a start up business owner, you’ll most likely abuse.  

  • Social Media Presence and Engagement – So okay, you’ve written an article or you’ve launched a product, and then what?  You need to get the word out and invite people to consume what you’re offering.  Let people know that you’ve written an awesome blog or that you’ve launched an innovating product that will make their lives easier.  How?  Through social media!  Sell your content or what products or services you have to offer in order to be known.  Make sure too that having a presence on social media is a window to more opportunities.  Make sur to also engage with the followers who built their trust in you by replying to their messages or answering their inquiries.
  • Thirst For Learning – Never stop learning and desiring to improve on yourself.  Study the trends on the field you’re in.  Enroll in short courses to help you with your passion and your skills.  Invest in yourself.  Never say you know it all because the moment that happens is the moment you start to spiral down.


Let’s self-check.  Have you got all these right tools to help you succeed?  If you lack in these areas, how do you think you could improve?

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