Things We’ll Need When We Move in to Our New House

One of our family’s goal this year is to finalize purchasing our own land and build our very own house.   I’ve shared in this post how every...

One of our family’s goal this year is to finalize purchasing our own land and build our very own house.  I’ve shared in this post how every married couples and those starting a new family should have the mentality of leave and cleave.  I know it’s easy to say but hard to actually do it.  But with God’s grace, it can happen, if you pray for it.

We’ve been processing this since 2018 and we’ve had a number of challenges, but we didn’t lose hope.  There was one point during the negotiations that our seller changed his mind about selling the property.  I was shocked and heartbroken.  My husband and I both agreed that if it’s for us, God will make a way.  If it’s not, then we should accept His will and look for another property or maybe a house that will fit our family’s space needs and also budget.  Quickly, the seller came back to tell us that he decided to sell again and even apologized for the confusion.   I gave the deepest sigh of relief I could ever let out.

We continued to plan for our future house.  We also discussed how we should be moving our stuff from the current to the new house.  

Here were some ideas that came up:

  • Moving trucks or services – We need to include in our projected moving in budget the services we’ll need from moving companies.  We are looking for the likes of moving companies in Tampa that also offers packing of the items, big or small, to be moved.  That way, all items will be secured and safely arrive the destination.
  • Portable Bridges – Wait, is there such a thing?  Yes!  Learn more about it on one of the websites I checked.  But first, why do we need this?  The property that we are going to purchase is at the end of a common alley that somehow needs some crossing to do from the main road going there.  For trucks or small services to move our stuff, this is a must need.  We’re still looking for some service providers here.
  • CCTV cameras – This is for security and safety reasons.  We plan to install four to six cameras to cover the front and back and side of our house’s exterior, and the rest to be placed inside.
  • A House Dedication – We will be dedicating our new house to the greatest provider of all.  This will be a Christian ceremony where the place of dwelling will be lifted up to God for protection.
  • House-Warming Celebration – The celebration will be just a small gathering of people really close to our family.  Since we’re still living at a time when mass gatherings are prohibited, a small barbeque party at our roof top would be a great idea.  Of course, we’ll need a few bottles of wine and I’ll make sure I buy the type of wines best for barbeques.  Oh yes, there are wines for this, click here in that piece of information I found online.

I am really excited to turn this dream into a reality.  Right now, we’re finalizing requirements our bank needs from us.  Again, if this goes smoothly, then it’s meant to be, if not, we’ll accept God’s will too.  So help us pray for this dream!  Until my next update!

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