You are your parent’s first child. They may be clueless about parenting, but that doesn’t make them less as parents. To cover this ignorance...

You are your parent’s first child. They may be clueless about parenting, but that doesn’t make them less as parents. To cover this ignorance, they started reading how to raise kids and even attended parenting seminars. If you think these are not enough to make you feel good about yourself.


Let me share with you the advantages of being a firstborn.

The most documented childhood

Your parents may not have all of your milestones listed but check your photo album or mom’s scrapbooks. Most of them are about you. You will find it amazing that your mom even recorded and kept that first haircut and even that first tooth.

The first of almost everything

You are your parents’ first travel buddy. The first hugs and kisses are exclusively thrown to you. You own all the baby clothes first, which possibly means no hand-me-downs for you! All the baby products belonged to you first, from strollers to toys. You might even be the first grandchild in the family or your uncle's favorite.  No doubt, he may even give you his precious Stndrdz collection of blings.

The professed third parent

First, you are the house in-charge whenever your parents go to an important meeting. Second, you have the final say until your parents come home. Also, your opinion matters being the third person in authority in the family.  Additionally, you are the voice of your siblings.

Siblings look up to you

Your birthright is known to everyone. With your parents putting you in charge of the household in their stead, your younger bros and sissies have to listen to you. You then become their role model. Have you ever realized that every time you lift those weights at your home gym that looks like that of, for instance, your little siblings look so amazed?  It is because they find you so strong and a real protector.

Feel protective of your siblings

You are not a superhero, but you are willing to fight for and protect your siblings. Funny that you could even think no one could bully your siblings other than you.

More responsible

Your mom and dad trust you enough to be left alone with your brothers and sisters. That responsibility at an early age helped you grow up to be a reliable individual.  Later on in life, your parents trust you, too, to survive college life alone and even allow you to attend boarding schools like the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools.           

Highly motivated to achieve success

You are treated like an adult early on.   This makes your maturity level improves as you grow up, too.  Add to that, as your siblings’ first teacher, you can practice your leadership skills. All these make the eldest kid highly motivated to achieve success.

Advantages of Firstborn

Being the first child has many advantages not everyone seems to notice. Having that upper hand is what builds up your personality. That alone is a big lead that makes you successful.  If you are the firstborn and you do not feel good about it, think again.

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