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Being a working mom has both disadvantages and advantages.  The downside is that you are away from your kids the whole day from Mondays to F...

Being a working mom has both disadvantages and advantages.  The downside is that you are away from your kids the whole day from Mondays to Fridays and don't get to spend as much time as you want to.  In effect, you tend to be guilty from working away from home because you don't get to attend to their needs, do the loving chores for them, clean and dress them up, and play with them.

But come to think of it, there are advantages too.  Working gives your household a steady income, a secured hospitalization benefits, a group insurance, bonuses here and there, and for moms, a good pack of self-confidence and oozing boost to self-esteem.  The only challenge that we face most of the time is - BUDGETING and SAVING.  Because we're always out, we can't help but spend, sometimes beyond the allowance we set for ourselves daily.

So I came up with some money-saving tips for busy working moms and it was published on Glam-o-Mamas!

Practical Saving Tips For Working Moms
My published contribution on
Here's a part of the article I contributed:

Practical Saving Tips For Working Moms:

1. Walk the Short Distance instead of Riding a Tricycle or an FX – (Save P10.00) – I work in Makati City where loading and unloading areas are usually far from your company’s building. I get off around two blocks from the office building. I have two choices: 1) Ride another FX and pay an extra P10.00 on top of my P55.00 one way transportation 2) Walk. I choose to walk most of the time (except when I am not running late.) My waist may get trimmer and my pocket a little fatter.

2. Bring your Own Lunch instead of Dining Out - (Save P50 to P100.00) – We’re often lured with the countless fast food chain or restaurants around the work place. If you give in to the invites of your officemates, you spend around P50.00 to P1500.00 (or even higher) on food only not to finish the whole serving and put that hard-earned money to waste. Why not, prepare your family a delicious meal at home and bring that goodness of home-cooked meal as your baon?

3. Set Aside P20.00 a Day – Part of my 2013 goals is to set aside P20.00 a day and keep it in my piggy bank. My plan is to spend this savings for Christmas shopping (gifts for loved ones, family or friends.) This way, I don’t wait for the bonuses to come just to spend it on shopping. If you stick to this, you could save around P6,000.00 by December.

Check out the whole article HERE to know more tips on how you could save little by little daily.  Big savings come from small beginnings as they say.  We do all know that there are a lot of spending temptations when we're out everyday.  So my mantra when I'm exposed to SALEs and BAZAARs is: "Resist.. Resist.. I must Control, Resist!"  

How about you?  What saving tips could you share?

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  1. I must have that mantra too! "uh-oh" talaga pag may sale!


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