The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort In Boracay, A Short Stay

One should be called crazy when he or she would just stay for a short while in the beautiful island of Boracay.  But one is crazier when she...

One should be called crazy when he or she would just stay for a short while in the beautiful island of Boracay.  But one is crazier when she's already in Aklan and not visit Boracay right?  That's me, the crazy one, who braved traveling alone to the island one afternoon (after work assignment) and stayed in the island for less than 24 hours.  Albeit the shortness of my stay, I made sure it was worth while.

One of the things I find fulfilling when travelling alone is continually discovering something new in an already familiar place.  One of these new discoveries is The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort & Spa Boracay, a quiet but homey hotel accommodation right in between Stations 1 & 2.

The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort is located between Station 1 & 2.
The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort is a little bit shy for a beachfront accommodation.  One wouldn't even notice it right away because what what you will actually see as you walk past it is a narrow entrance or corridor leading to their restaurant which looks like this:
That narrow entrance is what you'll see from the beach front.
This photo was taken from the inside.  But at the end of this buffet corridor is the beachfront entrance going to The Sun Villas lounge or dining area, their SPA and reception area.  I'm glad I noticed this small entrance because it led me to an unexpected rustic beauty of the unassuming resort.  Upon seeing the resort's mood lighting and its ambiance, I was already attached to it.
Lounge and dining area.
Juice and wine bar
I love the earthy, native furniture which made the ambiance homey and familiar.
Their refreshing welcome drink was served immediately after checking in.  The welcome drink already exceeded my expectation.  Usually I'm handed an instant juice drink.  But at The Sun Villas Resort, they give out their home-brewed Iced Tea.  Customer Experience upon welcome - Check!
Brewed Iced Tea for welcome drink, not bad!  Not bad at all!
Before I show you my room, let me just share with you that the corridors I walked through weren't intimidating.  In fact, it was not the usual spic and span, slippery-shiny-tiled, can't-touch-this-and-that feel, it felt just like home.  Especially that I was travelling solo that time, this to me was a perfect accommodation for that cold rainy night.
Shot of the door to enter the rooms from the dining area.
Corridor shot going to the second floor.
Staircase.  Notice, the foot rug on every floor?  It's anti-slip and anti-accidents. Good job!
It's a standard accommodation which has a queen-sized bed, a cool air condition, a cable TV, a clean toilet & bath with hot shower and toiletries, a mini-bar, and it comes with two (2) complimentary water bottles, 3-in-1 coffee and tea.
Queen-sized bed for solo travelers.  Twin bed also available.  Air-con is cool and quiet.
Working table, cable TV, and mini-bar.
I'm just not digging the closet being placed inside the T&B.
It's clean and it has a hot & cold shower, that's all I needed for the night. :)
My overnight accommodation came with a free set breakfast.  There were more set choices compared to other hotels I stayed in Boracay.  Because I'm a bacon lover, Continental Breakfast was the choice.  But instead of bread, I requested for rice and made my bacon crispier than their usual.  Oh well, happy me! :)
I love my bacon strips really crispy to go well with rice and egg!  Served also with fruits and coffee.
A satisfied resort guest, oh that's me! :)
If you are travelling solo or with friends and you're on a budget but don't want to be short-changed, then I recommend The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort to you.   The staff is friendly and responsive to your needs.  Their rooms are clean and the air conditioning is cool, perfect for a good night's sleep everyone longs for when staying in Boracay.   Imagine, not spending too much for an above-average hotel accommodation in Boracay, is definitely value for your money.

On your next trip to the beautiful island of Boracay, you may want to give this a try, contact them via phone at (632) 893-9355, (632) 893-7293, (632) 813-1338 Boracay: (036) 288-5541, (036) 288-4410 or via email, or  For more information about The Sun Villas Beachfront Resort, you may also like them on Facebook or visit their website.

*Disclosure:  I didn't receive anything from The Sun Villas Resort and I paid for my accommodation and food during my stay in Boracay.

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  1. I super love this! This is just so complete with all the details and explanation that will really make you think!

  2. Aww.. that's so sweet of you to say dear Piathought! Hope to meet you in person soon! :) By the way, got my insurance from PruLife. :)

  3. Totally agree with you! Nothing beats spending quality time with your family. They will always be your inspiration in pursuing your dreams so might as well make more time for them. Thanks for sharing this thought-provoking article, definitely learned and realized a lot just by reading this. :)

  4. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Have a great week ahead! :)

  5. how much kaya mga packages ng SID'S PARTY FAVORS and DELISHAE'S CAKES ngayon. I'm in tight budget maam eh...

  6. They're both reasonably priced.. i'm sure if you want specialized cakes and on a budget.. go for these two. For South, SID's for North/East/West MM, contact Shae Conducto of Delishae's Cakes, just check their FB Page.

    Thanks! :)

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