Our Rustic Wedding DIY Projects

Our wedding happened a few months back but it still feels like it was just yesterday.  The personal vows we said to each other, which by th...

Our wedding happened a few months back but it still feels like it was just yesterday.  The personal vows we said to each other, which by the way wasn't your usual cheesy expression of love for each other kind of thing, still bring shivers to my spine and butterflies in my preggy belly.

Like what I wrote in my wedding post over HERE, we DIYed some of the items which actually helped save thousands of pesos.  I remember how there were some days that I didn't sleep early just to finish some projects.  My husband even took one week leave from work just to finish his DIY projects assigned to him. :)  No matter how sleep deprived I was or how much back aches we both had, I tell you, it was all worth it!  Not only we saved some money, but actually seeing and using your DIY decors/projects during your wedding is undoubtedly fulfilling.

Our Wedding DIY Projects:
Before I start showing you the projects we did for the wedding, I just want to tell you that we got all the ideas and step-by-step procedure through PINTEREST  This is why I loooooove Pinterest.  Not only it helped my curate wedding pegs but it showed how we could save by doing some DIYs for the wedding.  It was our budget savior I should say.  Here they are ladies and gentlemen:

Invitation Sleeves:
I got the inspiration from Pinterest.  I really want a hand-painted wedding invitation which my very talented colleague Myra Lim lovingly did for me.  I used pattern paper (bought a few years back from Divisoria) as its sleeve, wrapped it with paper doily which I bought online, and secured it with a jute string (bought from Japan Homes).

The Inspiration:
Pompom Decors 
We did around 20 pieces of these tissue pompoms to be used as reception decor.  I learned how to do this through Pinterest again (now you know how much I love Pinterest ey?).  After the pompoms had invaded our living room, I was so pleased about myself.  I never thought I could do it!  

I bought paper tissues or Papel de Japon, used wire to secure the middle part, and tied a nylon string to be able to hang them.
The Inspiration
Photo Booth Signage and Backdrop:
The photo booth wooden signage was made from recycled wooden plank which husband bought from the hardware.  For the backdrop, I borrowed wooden wall from our gracious caterer.  To add fun and color, I cut and hung pink, white, silver decor paper, and Christmas tree foil decor (all bought from the book store) on a long jute string, to have a shabby chic effect on photos.
The Inspiration:
Wooden Signage and Entrance Vignette:
(Couple's chair hanger, Wedding Welcome Sign, "Here comes your Bride, Daddy" signage which Wes held while marching the aisle, and personalized wooden crates)

I was very pleased with the outcome of this project did by my husband.  He may not be very much involved in the preparation details (but he was with me in all the supplier meetings and ocular visits), but he took a one-week leave to do carpentry work for this.

He bought the wooden crates from a nearby wet market (palengke) for only P20 each.  I saw that the crates are being sold online for P250 each, which for me was expensive.  He bought wooden planks for the signage and white paint.  His handwriting is better than mine as well, so it's perfect that he did this DIY job. 
The Inspirations:
Ring Bearer's Pillow
What I did here was use the cushion filling of an old giveaway pillow (which I think we got from a mall) and transfer it to the pillow case I sew using burlap sack (bought from Divisoria).  The crocheted top was made by my mom, so having it on top of the pillow made it very special and look very pretty.  Using a white satin ribbon which I just recycled (from gifts received) and the jute string, I sew them onto the pillow to hold our rings.  This project indeed was a pure labor of love and the joy I felt seeing the finished product was overwhelming.  It may not be the prettiest of all, buy hey, I made this!
The Inspiration:
Bouquet Handle:
My bouquet and flower crown was customized for me by a flower shop in Dangwa.  I tried sourcing this from other florist, but they charged me unbelievably.  I carefully instructed to wrap the handle with jute string.  It looked plain when I got the flower in the morning of our wedding.  So I added lace in the middle, secured by double sided tape.  I bought the lace tape from Daiso for only P88 (luckily it was a Buy-1-Take-1 deal that time).  I still tied a short jute string around the handle to add more rustic feels to it.
The Inspiration:
My Kuya and Sister-In-Law sponsored my giveaways!  I requested for their yummy biscotti, which was liked by my coffee-lover guests (and even ordered more after the wedding!).  I just printed the Thank You tags, bought the wooden clothespin from Divisoria, bought the paper doilies online, and the brown bag from the supermarket.  
The Inspiration:
Hanging Photos
I wanted to showcase our love story through photos.  I retrieved photos from when we started up to the most recent (thanks to Facebook), and printed them at home.  I used jute strings tied to the trees so we could hang the photos, pinned using wooden clothespin.  The banner was from the remaining burlap sack I bought from Divisoria.
The Inspiration:
So there you have it loves, the DIY projects I did with my husband for our simple, intimate, and meaningful wedding.  If you love crafts, The DIY route is for you.  If you want to save a few bucks on your wedding budget, this is for you.  If you love creating and making something, this one's for you.  

To soon-to-be-brides/grooms, hope this post inspires you to awaken the artsy fartsy little one in you.  I didn't think we'd accomplish all these DIY projects, but we succeeded!  All we had in us was sticking to our simple rustic wedding vision and our desire to make it very personal.  Good luck on your wedding planning! :)


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  1. Ang galing ng mga DIY! congrats!

  2. I love the DIYs that you did, L! I'm sure when I get to have a Christian wedding, I'll surely go to Pinterest for ideas. :)

  3. Thanks D! I looooove Pinterest. It kept me sane during those months of preparation while struggling to find time to do these DIYs. It's not easy especially I don't own my time from M-F being a corporate slave. Haha!

  4. Hi! I just read your blog. It' amazing. Also, may I ask if you happen to have the contact number of the store where you bought the wooden crates? Thank you!


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