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I still remember vividly how I, just like all other brides-to-be, was searching for a perfect venue for our civil wedding.  The choices were...

I still remember vividly how I, just like all other brides-to-be, was searching for a perfect venue for our civil wedding.  The choices were: Beach or Garden.  Originally, my husband and I was 100% rooting for a beach wedding in Laiya, Batangas.  I started searching online for beach resorts offering wedding packages and also of past weddings which took place in those resorts.

I stumbled upon one beautiful beach wedding, which overwhelmed me that it left me crying reading until the last paragraph of the post.  It was the beautiful wedding coverage with a beautiful love story of Arlene Briones-Hidalgo.  I cried because I instantly connected and related to her heartfelt wedding story.  Theirs is a story of second chances, of resetting, and of bringing God in the center of it all.  It is also our story, with almost exact circumstance.  Something in me made me email her just to say how much she touched and inspired me with her wedding story.  I cried again when she replied.  And I cried again upon learning that Arlene is the main superwoman behind The Perfect Grey Photography, which we got to cover our wedding.  That was the moment I knew that our partnership is a match made in heaven.

Since we were on a budget, and we intended to stay within it, we got the White Package (their most basic) which includes 2 photographers, unlimited hi-res shots on DVD, and 50 artists' choice printed photos in 4R.  The basic package afforded me 1 main/senior photographer which isn't her.  But we're okay with that because the style and quality of the photos of The Perfect Grey Photography are consistent: natural, relaxed and beautiful.

After a few months and a final decision to change venue (from beach to a garden wedding in Antipolo), we met the first time.  I cried again, it was surreal, I cannot explain the feeling.  It was like meeting a soul sister whom I connected to right away. When she told me that she wants to personally shoot my wedding with no extra charge,  I cried some more.  What did I do to deserve this?

During the meeting, we talked about the schedule of the wedding, our itinerary, the venue, what to expect during the shoot, and she gave me some wedding tips as well.  We were all set.

Then, the magic of her photography happened on that beautiful November 28, 2015, our wedding day.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

Wedding Preps:
Moments before the ceremony:
The Ceremony:
Post-Nuptial Photos with Family and Friends:
Post-Nuptial Couple Shots:
The Reception:
Our photos surprisingly arrived less than a week after the wedding in an adorable wooden box.  It contained what the package promised, the DVDs of our unlimited photos and 50 pieces of artists' choice photos printed on 4R matte professional photo paper.
We were more than satisfied and joyful with their services.  God pointed my way to them.  We actually got more than what we paid for.  The mere fact that Arlene was there and personally wanted to shoot our wedding was so much of a blessing to us already.  She brought with her one of her main photographers, the talented EJ Lagrimas, and another assistant photographer.  They take their craft by heart and on a personal level too.  Hence, more than capturing the memories of our very special day, I know that we've started a different bond, a connection that I will forever cherish.

The Perfect Grey Photography can even help you customize a package to suit your photography budget which makes it very helpful to couples who want value for their money.  They also do corporate, pre-nups, debut and other celebrations, and life photography (pregnancy and family).  To know more about them, visit their website  See a glimpse of their photos on Instagram too.  You may also like their Facebook Page for updates and promos.  Get in touch with them to also feel how they deliver service straight from their hearts.

Thank you Perfect Grey Photography for capturing the wonderful memories from our wedding beautifully!  :)

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  1. I'm usually a fan of over the top weddings, but your simple wedding had the words "sincerity" and "love" all over it. Way better than most expensive weddings I've seen. Galing ni Arlene! And panalo 'yung sexy solo shot mo. ;)


  2. Aaaww.. thanks so much Dewmaine! :) We really intended to keep it small, simple, really very intimate with below 70 guests. :) Galing talaga ni Arlene and super bait and sincere! I love her to bits!!!! <3 Thanks Dewmaine and hope to see you one of these days soon! Take care! :)

  3. Yes, see you! :) Lagi na nga akong absent sa events eh. Take care and congrats!!!

  4. Super simple pero ang ganda! Ang ganda din ng outcome ng mg diy! Congrats!

  5. Thanks @Nheng! :) Happy to do the DIY and see the final projects on beautifully taken photos. :)

  6. Your wedding photographers did a great job. They captured your wedding so beautifully! The photos are just beautiful really amazing.


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